What Is Digital Business Process Automation All About?

Companies and organisations that seek to grow their business in a systematic manner and that want to gain or maintain a competitive edge in such a demanding and rapidly evolving market reality, increasingly influenced by disruptive technologies, need to face the challenges of digital transformation. Making its assumptions a reality is possible thanks to the use of state-of-the-art enterprise IT solutions and technologies, chief among them digital process automation. 

To be sure of the result, digital transformation consulting could help you to analyze the company’s tech infrastructure and processes to maintain sustainable long-term improvement.

What Is Digital Process Automation (DPA)? What Does It Do?

Digital Process Automation (DPA) tools offer an innovative approach to business process management, the expansion of which in the enterprise environment became possible thanks to the involvement of modern technologies, whose rapid development we could witness in the last decade. Digital process automation focuses on a number of popular issues in the enterprise environment, improving process, workflow and document digitisation. 

Taking advantage of DPA-class solutions enables companies to more efficiently exchange electronic documents and information, as well as gain full control over the tasks at hand, in line with the relevant procedures and guidelines. The individual stakeholders never have to think about what to do and to whom to contact with regards to a given case or document – the DPA-based system holds their hand, so to speak, according to centrally configured scenarios and so-called business rules, This makes work far more efficient, effective and less prone to errors and mistakes – giving the staff members a sense of security and confidence in their actions.

Within the context of digital process automation, one new concept – intelligent process automation (IPA) – seems to become more and more popular.   In addition to the standard principles, which are implemented by BPA and DPA solutions, intelligent process automation also takes advantage of additional elements and toolkits, such as robotic process automation (RPA), machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). The combination of such solutions enables organisations to achieve better quality and implement new standards for their everyday operations, as well as to better adapt various innovative technologies to their needs and business processes.

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What Are The Benefits Of Digital Process Automation For The Company And Employees?

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Modern DPA-class tools enable an effective and successful digital transformation of the organisation and streamlining its daily operations. The deployment of such a system results not only in the optimisation of operating costs and significant time savings, but also in better quality of the work performed, higher agility and efficiency of all operations carried out on a daily basis in all business and organisational areas, as well as facilitating the achievement of strategic business objectives. Digital process automation tools also enable companies to effectively improve the flow of information and documents within the organisation, increase the quality of decisions made and giving employees ongoing and immediate access to the most up-to-date information.

What is more, with digital process automation, the individual participants of the workflow do not have to think about individual actions they have to perform or where to send a given case or document. A dedicated IT system guides them step by step, in line with centrally-configured scenarios, procedures and business rules. This in turn enables employees to work more efficiently and effectively, while making fewer mistakes, thus gaining greater confidence and peace of mind, allowing them to properly do their jobs.

 Low-code Platforms As Worthwhile DPA-Class Solutions

The practical implementation of the assumptions of digital process automation is made possible by specialised enterprise software, which enables fully exploiting the inherent potential of DPA solutions. One of the most worthwhile solutions are highly functional and technologically advanced low-code platforms, which enjoy growing popularity in the enterprise world. The term refers to specialised software that enables its users to build business applications and automate processes using visual tools and the drag & drop method, without having to code whatsoever, or with minimal involvement of code in more complex business scenarios or where advanced integrations are required – which makes them a perfect solution for addressing the requirements of large companies and corporations.

Technologically advanced low-code platforms cover the areas of business process management, digitalisation and automation. Optimising processes with bespoke business applications developed using these tools makes work more efficient and effective, while ensuring that all tasks are carried out in accordance with applicable procedures. What is more, some of the most innovative low-code platforms also enable introducing real-time changes and improvements, which translates into quick and effective implementation of new rules and policies and thus carrying out the processes at even higher level than before, while ensuring optimal Time To Business.

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