What Is Eco-friendly Packaging?

Adopting eco-friendly packaging is ever more important for companies as Australian consumers are demanding more ecological responsibility from product manufacturers. We are voting with our feet and spending our hard-earned dollars on products that offer us the option of choosing green.

Packaging makes up the bulk of waste we humans produce and a lot of it ends up in landfill and the environment. Companies that promise to deliver ecologically responsible packaging are helping consumers to play a part in addressing the packaging crisis we now face. This is what customers expect from businesses now and into the future.

So, What Is Eco-friendly Packaging?

To be classified as eco-friendly, packaging must be compostable, biodegradable, recycled and recyclable, made from natural products and toxic free.

For manufacturers to claim an eco-friendly status, a transition to packaging that incorporates at least one of the above qualities or a combination of two or more. There are plenty of eco-friendly alternatives to plastic packaging that would improve the company carbon footprint.

Reuse And Recycle

Packaging such as paper and cardboard are often made from recycled paper pulp and can be recycled up to eight times. They can be made into new paper products, replace plastic void fills and incorporate into other packaging types such as laminated bags and pouches. By creating this type of closed loop, less materials are entering into waste streams. There is an immediate reduction in the carbon footprint of manufacturers.

Compostable And Biodegradable

Packaging that can compost and break down without leaching harmful toxins is good for the environment. Consumers are happy to compost packaging and save room for other waste in their bins. The impression of your company’s eco-friendliness is more immediate on customers if they can dispose of your packaging in their home composter.

Less Is More

Using packaging more effectively and efficiently improves eco-friendliness. Overuse of packaging creates unnecessary waste and consumer annoyance. Over packaged items cause such a thing as wrap rage. Not only the difficult to open packages but excessively packaged goods cause wrap rage. As consumers shop online more, and this is a growing phenomenon, dealing with excess packaging means overstuffed home waste bins and packaging lying around the home till the next bin collection day.

Efficiently packaged items indicate to the customer that your business has considered their needs in your packaging process.

Eco-friendly Is Brand Friendly

By incorporating eco-friendly packaging into your brand, you are aligning with your consumers values. You are making a positive and lasting impression on them. You get repeat business from existing customers and attract new business from consumers who align themselves with sustainable brands.

Eco-friendly Is Cost Effective

Adopting new technology and efficient machinery that maximises the performance of your packaging material will boost your bottom dollar in the long run. Adopting greener packaging means reducing waste and reducing the amount cuts costs. Less packaging means less weight and lower shipping costs.

Eco-friendly packaging is durable and able to handle the rigours of transport which in turn reduces returns and their associated costs.

Reducing the company carbon footprint, you are lowering the operating costs of your business.

The changing nature of consumerism and the trend towards eCommerce highlights the expectation that customers want to support businesses that embrace sustainability and eco-friendly packaging.

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