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Educational Robotics: What It Is And Why It Matters

Robotics is a science that embraces different disciplines and deals with the design, programming, and development of robots: the interdisciplinarity of robotics is dictated by the need to involve multiple sectoral knowledge within the process of making a robot. Engineering, computer programming, psychology, automation, mechanics, and biology are just some of the interconnected aspects of its design. In other words, robotics is a branch of engineering (particularly mechatronics) capable of developing systems capable of reproducing movements (including humans) to perform tasks.

Why Robotics Is Essential At School

Robotics is a science that is developing faster and faster, in Italy and the world, showing itself as an up-and-coming sector for the future: the skills in this particular market are increasingly in demand, and the percentages of companies that need trained figures in this sense are growing exponentially. For these reasons, it is increasingly important to start learning robotics as early as possible, even during elementary, middle, and high schools, with an educational robotics course.

In this regard, educational robotics is essential for the training of young people who will one day be able to operate in this market competitively and will be able to respond to the needs of the growing sector more efficiently. Educational robotics, also called micro-robotics, is a teaching method of robotics that allows you to learn by creating an educational robot, starting from scratch, through its programming and development, passing through all stages of the process.

In this way, pupils learn while they do it: better if you do it as soon as possible, at an age where you are more flexible and elastic on a mental level and where the notions are learned more simply and naturally.

This teaching method, called didactic robotics, also aims at teamwork and play: children organize themselves together to achieve a specific goal and learn through experience. Educational robotics is a method in which STEM subjects are learned in a practical and fun way, that is, the scientific subjects at the basis of programming: you know to use logic to solve problems with increasing difficulty, increasing the ability to train what in this sector is called ” computational thinking, “an objective that is also part of coding.

Educational robotics in schools worldwide is becoming one of the most fundamental teaching tools and is profoundly revolutionizing the teaching and learning of children. These subjects train the professionals of tomorrow, but, unfortunately still, not all schools have a teaching program that includes this discipline or the teaching of STEM subjects.

Educational Robotics: Why Is It Essential To Learn STEM Subjects Right Away?

The artificial intelligence and robotics sector is increasing and involves more and more aspects related to daily activities: this is why the growing market provides the training of professionals with sectoral skills and knowledge.

Industrial Robotics

The fields are those of industrial robotics, which aims to create machines that replace human work; industrial robots are used, for example, by the mechanical and automotive industries.

Today, more and more robotic arms replace or complement human work, carrying out heavy or precision tasks (increasing production factors, quality, and speed). These include robots created to perform different tasks and duties and which do not have a human appearance, such as drones.

Humanoid Robotics

Humanoid robotics is the branch of robotics that provides the creation of androids that are as similar to humans as possible and that exploit artificial intelligence to interact with people.

According to some forecasts, from recent studies, in 2025, around 7-8 million new jobs will be destined for students who have trained in STEM disciplines (Science, Engineering, Technology, and Mathematics).

The advantage of learning these subjects through educational robotics allows today’s young people to have a real chance to find work and economic stability in the world of tomorrow, all thanks to the digital revolution. The third millennium sees the triumph of these disciplines, such as innovative technologies, robotics, digitization, the internet of things, computer programming languages. According to statistical data, shortly, children will access the highest salaries and the most requested positions. Specializing in STEM disciplines.

Robotics And Drones

Today drones are a concrete reality, used for personal, commercial, and industrial fields. Of course, the high school students who will participate in this type learn different design and technological aspects related to the operation of these particular robots, knowing how it is geolocated or how it is possible to fly without being remotely controlled by a pilot. These courses nearly stimulate children, analyzing the different physical-mechanical and computer programming aspects that are the basis of the construction of a drone.

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