What Is Social Proof, And How To Conquer It On Social Networks?

Take your opinion and put it here in my comments, please! What? Could we point you elsewhere for such excellent social proof as customer feedback?

You got it wrong, dear blog visitor! And, know that we have a sincere and strategic crush on them that helps us a lot. After all, they are great arguments to attract other customers, aren’t they?

So, how do you get social proof to use in your social media marketing strategies?

Social Proof: What Is It, Where Does It Live, And What Does It Eat?

Let’s talk about your concept, okay? So we align our thoughts because you’ve probably come across some social proof, but maybe you didn’t realize it.

Social proof is a collection of opinions, comments and positive or negative feedback about the brand. Based on these actions, people are suggested to change their decisions and way of acting.

So are we saying she’s a mind trigger capable of persuading people? Yes, that’s right! It’s like having consumers advertising and selling for the brand.

Why Is She So Important On Social Media?

Before you think, we have yet to answer about what she feeds on. We reserved a whole topic to answer this question because it is essential.

For starters, if social proof is a mental trigger, it psychologically affects the people who produce it or are exposed to it. She feeds on the emotions and sensations caused.

That’s where the feast is served! If the proof has a high power of persuasion, the brands that use it can:

  • Conquer new customers who the opinion of third parties will convince;
  • Strengthen loyalty with those who are already buyers through the feeling of belonging to a group;
  • Increase your brand awareness and reach;
  • Use adversities (read: complaints) to promote your differentials.

Show, right? So how do you get social media followers to talk about a brand and want to increase their connection with it?

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How To Apply It In Marketing Strategies?

Nothing better than using good strategies to conquer social proof, right? Let’s go with the tips, then!

Partner With Opinion Leaders

In social networks, there is no such thing as “your opinion does not interest me”. Each comment is relevant, and it is pure gold when made from a profile considered an authority on the subject!

Therefore, look for digital influencers and opinion makers in the brand’s niche, make partnerships, and send media kits and samples so that they can make their assessments and feedback.

Share User Generated Content (UGC)

Upon receiving customer reviews, “print” the screen, save it, ask permission to publish it on your media, and put it to play.

Put the days when the social proof will be posted into your posting calendar . In moderation, but be sure to promote them.

Leaving the field of opinions and comments open on social networks, such as Facebook reviews, is also a necessary action that should be encouraged whenever possible.

Use Criticism And Complaints To Build Rapport

Of course, some of the opinions and comments will be classified as “not so nice”. Complaints, exposure to negative points, and reports of bad experiences with the service are some of them.

But instead of deleting or ignoring it, take the opportunity to act on your resolutions quickly. Do you know that saying that bad news comes fast? It’s pure truth!

The difference is that before the news or complaint spreads throughout the social network, you will have already passed an efficient response to it with the resolution of the problem, showing attention and care for the customer.

That is, the spraying will be done successfully, including your demonstration of professionalism and attention to the consumer.

Get Verification Stamps

Verification badges give status and trust to your social media accounts. That “badge” with a checkmark shows the user that he is talking to the official representation of the brand, you know?

That way, even when responding to customer comments, that seal will bring more pomp and glamor to the user.

As the feeling of belonging and recognition speaks loudly on social media, this demonstration will be very positive!

Promote Numbers, Achievements And Brand Representatives

If the company’s director receives an award for his performance in a project, for example, praise the achievement on social networks.

This values ​​the professional and the table brand itself. And it also demonstrates that it competes in the market with a strong team.

Celebrate the goals achieved, both in the commercial area and in other areas. This action will give credibility to the company and those associated with it (investors, partners and employees).

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