Which Bookmakers Should We Use & How To Use Multiple Bets?

The range of sports betting on the net is now hardly manageable. The selection of different online betting sites can quickly become confusing, especially for beginners.

However, so that you can fully concentrate on placing your multi-bets, you need to feel that you are in good hands with the online bookmaker. For this reason, our experts have chosen the best betting sites on the net. In our list of the top sites for multi-bets, you will only find providers who offer you good customer service and modern security methods.

The betting odds on these pages are fair, and you will find a large selection of different combination bets. You also benefit from attractive sports betting bonus.

How To Place A Multiple Bet?

Placing a multiple bet is not difficult. However, there are a few things to keep in mind the first time. Beginners in particular often don’t know where to start. That is why we have created a step-by-step guide for you that explains how to place a combination bet.

1. Select a Betting Site

First, you have to select a suitable bookmaker from our list of the best and register with a few clicks with the provider.

2. The First Deposit

To place a real money bet, you must first make a deposit. To do this, go to the payment methods in the page’s account area and select your preferred banking method.

3. Select Competitions

As soon as the money is available in your betting account, you can place your first combination bet. To do this, first select the competitions for which you want to place bets. For example, if you’re going to tap games in the Bundesliga, select Football in the menu overview.

4. Place a Multiple Bet

Now all you have to do is select the games and choose a winner by clicking the odds or tap on a tie. All single bets made are summarized as a combination bet on the right-hand side of the screen. You can also see how much money you will receive if you win after all odds have been multiplied.

5. Verification

Before you press confirm, double-check the individual bets. Sometimes mistakes creep in; then you get particularly annoyed when you think you win. After you have placed your bet, it says: The tension rises!

The Different Types Of Multiple Bets

With a combination bet, the odds of at least two single bets are multiplied by the stake. As a result, the profits are often more significant, but the risk is also greater. There are also different types of bets that you can choose from with combination bets. Below we present the most popular types of multi-bets.

The 5 Tips For Multiple Bets

Combination bets are tempting, as supposedly clear wins of favourites can be combined into one great odds. However, a good sports betting strategy must be successful with this type of bet in the long term. We’ll reveal five tips to help you be successful with your combination bets.

1. Less is More!

You can usually include up to 12 single beds in a combination bet, but we advise against this. The overall odds are tempting, but it is doubtful that all tips will be correct in the end. If you are only wrong once, you have lost everything.

2. A Safe Bank

Pick at least one of their tips as a safe bank. These are supposedly individual favourite victories. This increases the probability that you are correct with your combination bet in the end and the small odds also ensure a good profit by multiplying with the other tips.

3. Use Bonus Payment

With the providers we recommend, you will receive attractive sports betting bonus with your first deposit. We recommend that you use this bonus to place a multiple bet. In this way, you can get to know this type of bet without taking too much risk.

4. Avoid Duplication

Of course, it is tempting to let the favourite win flow into several combination bets as a safe bet. However, we advise against this. Only one slip of the favourite is enough, and if you are unlucky, you will be wrong with several combination bets. You should, therefore, only use each tip for a multiple chances.

5. Collect Information

The following applies to sports betting in general: the more you find out, the better. This is especially true for combination bets, as you have to be right several times. So before you place such a chance, you should be well informed about the respective teams and their current form.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are Multi Bets?

In a combination bet, the odds of at least two single bets are multiplied together with the stake. You must have all the tips right to win.

2. What are the Advantages of Multiple Bets?

By multiplying several odds, the possible profit is significantly larger than with single bets. So you can earn double or triple-digit profits with just 5 euros. However, the risk is also considerably more significant.

3. Where can I Find Providers for this Type of Bet?

Every right bookmaker on the internet offers combination bets. In our leaderboard, you will find the top providers for this type of bet. All the sites recommended there also provide excellent customer service, attractive bonuses and modern security measures.

4. Can I Bet With my Smartphone?

Of course, you can easily place your bets with both your mobile phone and tablet. Some sites offer you unique sports betting apps for this, while other bookmakers allow you to place bets directly in the browser.

5. Can I use my Sports Betting Bonus?

We even recommend that you use your sports betting bonus to make a multiple bet. So you have no risk of loss, and you will immediately get to know the conditions of this type of bet.

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