Which Push Notification Network Is Best For Affiliate Marketing


Choosing the best push notification networks is very tricky when you have a plethora of options. Even though flutter push notifications are not novel but they are getting more popular day by day.

Push notification network is a network that helps affiliates to connect to their audiences conveniently and quickly. These networks have become the main tool for remarketing.

Interested to grasp all details regarding push notification networks. Read this blog till the end.

What Is Push Notification

Push notification is a short notification that pops up on the device’s screen whether it is an Android, iPhone, or Computer.

Flutter push notifications have a title and contain up to 125 characters. These notifications are used by all sectors such as banking, retail, and eCommerce as pushes are interactive and promote user engagement.

What Is Push Notification Ad Network

Push notification ad network is a text message that appears on a user’s web browser or user’s screen in the form of an icon and preview with an alert message.

The process initiates when a third party requests permission to allow sending a notification when you open a site. After pressing the allow button, you have become the subscriber of a third-party push notification subscriber inventory.

In this way, the website owners earn money when they subscribe to a third-party push notification.

That third party is none other than, is push notification ad network. And this ad network allows advertisers to send you their ad campaigns via browser notifications.

And you know, it is the best way to send a message to an entire website’s subscribers at once.

Plus, the main aim of these ad networks is to recoup the audience’s attention and interest in the website.

Nowadays, this method is also used to bring sales to Affiliate Marketing.

What Is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process by which affiliates earn a commission for promoting other people’s or companies’ brands. It is also known as referral marketing. It is the most effective tactic to generate sales.

The affiliates simply search for the products they like and promote those products. Thereby, they earn profit from each sale they make.

Which Push Notification Network Is Suitable For Affiliate Marketing

It was earlier mentioned that there is an abundance of push notification networks. Some affiliates with defined target audiences may want to serve push notifications only across certain directions, you can say only in the apps or only on the desktop. In such a situation, you can review the lists of push notification networks that we have put together in a list and find out the best one.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look….

1. PropellerAds Push Notification Traffic

This push notification network offers you multiple ways of generating revenue for your traffic. It is one of the best ad networks for affiliates who have just started their marketing.

Certain targeting options of this push notification network are:

  • Browser & Language
  • Geographical Locations
  • Operating System
  • Mobile Carrier

2. MegaPush

MegaPush is a Russian Push Notification company that brings push notification traffic into focus exclusively.

It has certain filters such as budget limits and click limits. Through these filters, campaigns remain within set parameters.

Megapus is best known for handling the following verticals:

  • Dating
  • Nutra
  • Crypto

3. Adsterra

It is one of the most popular flutter push notification ad networks in terms of scaling. It provides a plethora of traffic sources to affiliates. This platform has a lot of individual functions that affiliates take advantage of.

Following are its certain core features:

  • Flexible navigation: You can adjust traffic as per your needs as this platform has options like filters and black and white lists.
  • Most extended payment models: Affiliates can choose the most appropriate payment model that satisfies their needs: CPM, CPI, CPC, CPL, and CPO.

4. RUNative

RUNative is a specialized push network in digital advertising. Affiliates can use their pragmatic platforms as an open exchange marketplace. Not only this, they collect the right kind of technologies that improve the workflow.

Following the functions of RUNative:

  • Traffic Security: Runatives use third-party protection mechanisms and a set of in-house tools to avoid ad fraud on its platform.
  • Ad Spot Creator: The dashboard has a variety of formats that can be modified for individual drive launching.

Due to these functions, RUNative is very suitable for affiliates who look for chances to improve their traffic and reach out to users widely.

5. Ad-Maven

Ad-Maven Network serves pop-under ad formats. This platform offers traffic from direct publishers and guarantees quality.

This platform provides account manager support, auto-optimization that can be configured individually, and first-hand traffic sources.

All these functionalities make this platform convenient for knowledgeable and novice affiliates.


Flutter push notifications networks are revolutionary in the digital advertising sector. It is like a gold mine in affiliate marketing. They have made it easier for affiliates to earn profit from using push ads. There are so many push notification networks. You can use anyone as per your budget because all ad networks are best in their ways.

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