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Why A Business Name Generator Helps You Build Your Brand From The Ground Up

Building a brand from the ground up is easier said than done. According to global statistics from EarthWeb, over 305 million startups are created every year. Moreover, startups have a high mortality rate, with only about 10% becoming full-fledged business enterprises in the future. Naturally, the handling of startups is a deciding factor in how well it does in its next stage and is often the aspect of entrepreneurship that is focused on the most.

But believe it or not, a business name actually has a lot more to do with it than you think, and a business name generator might be key to its success.

Gives Your Brand an Identity

“First impressions last,” they say, and your brand name essentially creates the first impression for your business. An article published on ResearchGate even confirms that forming positively biased first impressions can be a strong predictor of longer-term relationship development. In that sense, you’ll want a brand name that encapsulates your business’ identity, and one that’s impactful enough to linger in your potential customer’s minds. This is where name generators come in handy.

A Sense of Uniqueness and Creativity

Of course, creating an impactful business name can be difficult. Fortunately, there are lots of resources online that can help out you and your team in case you’re running low on creativity. Namechk’s domain name generator, for instance, can help you create a business domain name that’s unique to the millions out there by giving you a list of suggestions relevant to the keyword you input. As a bonus, it also checks its domain availability for you, so you’re able to think ahead and prepare by getting your website up and running.

Establishing Branding through Names

Branding has become a buzzword in business in the last decade, especially with the rise of online platforms and social networks. In our TechSmashers article on branding, we advise businesses to take care of their image even online. You can easily go through a name generator’s suggestions and choose a name that’s cohesive to the branding image you’re aiming to establish. For example, classy names will often suit an elegant branding image, while fun names can get away with a quirky branding image.

Forming Narratives for Audiences

A brand name is an excellent way for businesses to relay a story. Determine your brand’s target audience and find a way to connect to their demographic using a narrative. Amazon was a great metaphor for being an exotic and vast online store at its time of release, and Fanta is a self-explanatory name that evokes a sense of fantasy indeed. Be creative by using a business name generator to go beyond the act of simply basing your brand name on the products or services you’ll offer.

Growing Your Brand

Finally, a name generator can give you lots of material to help you envision your brand’s growth. For instance, domain names are a huge Google ranking factor, and also play a part in customer searches for products and services. So despite any changes that might occur to your brand’s visuals, structure, or even ownership, the name generally stays the same. But you don’t have to treat an unchanging name as a hindrance – work with current trends, consumer insights, and unique ideas to keep your name relevant.


All in all, name generators are a valuable tool for entrepreneurs building their brands from the ground up. Although there’s no set blueprint when it comes to creating a winning name, as long as it encapsulates the essence of your brand and what your company stands for, then you’re off to a good start.

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