Freebie: What Are They, And Why Are They Essential For Brands And Entrepreneurs?

Use a freebie to bring your audience closer and increase online conversions to benefit your business.

You are always looking for some strategy to broaden your audience. You would like to communicate your skills straightforwardly and immediately and make your company’s products and services known.

And the question you ask yourself most often when you think about these aspects is: how to do it?

If you think the solution is too complicated and not at hand, you are wrong. It exists, and you must adopt it in your digital marketing strategy.

Curious about what we are talking about? These are the freebies. Let’s explore this opportunity for your brand together.

What Is A Freebie?

Gift or sample, that’s what freebie means.

Beyond the literal translation, however, its connotation in the web marketing sector becomes different and much more specific.

We can see a freebie, more than a pure gift, as an actual exchange. A sort of barter in which users leave their email address to the company in exchange for helpful content and value to the public.

The freebie allows a brand to offer online content to collect leads from potential customers.

A freebie allows you to make your potential customers take a specific action. Once this action has been done, he will have his gift di, Lui.

So let’s explore the advantages, features, and types of freebies that can help you increase the effectiveness of your online presence.

What Are The Benefits Of A Freebie?

So conceived, a freebie can bring several benefits to your brand :

  • Increase your community, that is, the group of people who follow you and appreciate your brand,
  • Do lead generation by collecting contacts by requesting subscriptions to the newsletter,
  • Expand your audience organically by requesting sharing and avoiding paid online advertising,
  • Intercept people who reflect the characteristics of your target,
  • Get in direct contact with users who are interested in the topics covered and who can produce an interesting word of mouth towards your brand,
  • Push the purchase of a specific product or service.

What Are The Characteristics Of A Freebie?

Therefore, the goal of this tool is to get people to act in a certain way towards your brand.

To do this, it must be effective. And to be effective, it must respect specific characteristics.

Attention To The Target

The first step is always to know your audience. Investigate his interests, discover his doubts, and respond to his needs.

You have to keep in mind who you are addressing and what they need at all times. Propose something in theme with your services or products, but not too specific or generic.

Capture Interest

It is an aspect directly linked to the target. Knowing him, you will be able to find the right levers to arouse interest and lead to the request for the freebie.

Remember that the freebie is not an end in itself; its ultimate goal is to arouse desire, to entice you to continue on the purchase path. In short, a sort of antechamber for the sale of the actual product.

So you have to capture attention by using all the tools at your disposal (for example, landing pages or social campaigns) to emphasize the importance of your proposal.

Content Quality

Thinking of proposing any freebie to offer something is a mistake to be decisively avoided. Do not proceed randomly just because the freebie is to be done.

Curate Your Content Carefully. Pick a theme heard by the audience and give an answer that is useful and helpful to the audience.

Think of the texts and graphics; even the visual identity will contribute to the final effect.

Keep in mind that when you propose a freebie, you do it so that people perform specific actions and eventually buy your service. Still, beyond these objectives, you indirectly show your competence, creativity, and professionalism.

In short, you cannot do without quality.

Consistency With Your Services And Products

In addition to quality, the freebie must align with the value of the final product or service you want to lead the user to purchase.

If the freebie weighs more than the final product, you risk making the customer feel dissatisfied at the end of the purchase journey.

Conversely, if it doesn’t meet the initial requests, your potential customers may not be enticed and abandon the purchase right away.

To maintain consistency between the freebie and final product so that the quality of the free content is equal to that of the paid proposal.

Which Freebies Should You Use To Appeal To Your Audience?

We have just seen the importance of choosing content and its value in garnering the public’s favor and reaping all the benefits of a freebie.

At this point, another essential aspect to focus on is defining the best type of freebie for your customers.

You have several possibilities. Let’s see them together:

  • Pdf: Prepare practical, simple, and explicit content. Not too full-bodied and detailed but giving guidelines to help solve a problem or provide the first details on a topic. Examples are guides or checklists.
  • Ebook: It is a great classic. A digital book is one of the supports that can give the most value. In this case, you can create a well-structured and in-depth product for users;
  • Video: Make a short video where you propose tutorials or an introduction to a specific topic in the sector.
  • Podcast: Also, in this case, you can give ideas on a specific topic, whether it is guidelines, an in-depth study, or even news.
  • Infographics: Think about the usefulness of graphics and the immediacy of images. Create such content to share data that may be of interest to your customers.
  • Template: Provide templates that help users perform a specific task or facilitate specific tasks.
  • Webinar: They are perfect for introducing more comprehensive and complex courses. You can use them as a preview to intrigue and encourage the purchase of a complete training course.
  • Try: Consider offering a free period in which to experiment with your service or product. It’s a great move if you want to get your potential customers lured.

There is no rule. You have to choose based on your audience, content type, and where you want to bring the customer. You can always prefer the same type, or use them all, from time to time.

As the only rule, give yourself that uniqueness: create something different from other content, making you stand out from the competition.

Where And How To Use A Freebie?

Use your freebie to request newsletter subscriptions, have a form filled in or have a specific post or content shared.

This will allow you to:

  • Obtain data from the user (names, email, telephone),
  • Guide the customer towards a particular product.

A freebie must be placed inside a funnel for this to work best.

So in that path, that allows you to guide a potential customer interested in your brand, precisely in purchasing your products and services.

Emails will be your extra gear in this context . They will support the customer day after day, not only to inform him and provide him with the contents but also to make the brand’s presence and voice heard.

As the last tip, we recommend that you enclose all the freebies you create in a reserved area.

It can be used for all types. Then you can allow your subscribers to access their reserved area, where they will find downloadable ebooks and infographics, listen to podcasts or follow a webinar.

Instead of using a link to enjoy the content, you bring people to your site right in a space created for them.

Are you already studying your target? What do you think is the best freebie for your audience?

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