Why Have Power BI As Your Company’s Ally

Whether your company is small, medium or large, it uses some management system, whether for finance, sales or marketing, and that can be very challenging.

Business Intelligence, in this case, can facilitate its management. It provides essential information so that managers can make appropriate decisions.

The self-service BI tools exist for the self-service of requests so that the companies themselves can promptly obtain answers to the questions asked and provide greater agility to the strategic decision-making process.

Power BI is a Business Intelligence tool that can be used simply for small jobs in Excel and local databases or even for large and robust business jobs.

Microsoft Power BI, for example, is Microsoft’s tool. With it, it is possible to consolidate and make coherent and visual information found in different sources, from a simple Microsoft Excel workbook to files in the cloud.

But First Of All, What Is Power BI?

We can say that Power BI captures, gathers and presents reports and spreadsheets in one place, in the format the user defines, generating a 360º view with its most essential metrics updated in real-time.

In addition, it allows comparisons, observation and analysis of indicators or KPIs ( Key Performance Indicators ), allowing, for example, the visualization of the evolution of an internal campaign of the company.

However, how simple your company’s management process becomes and how to visualize the data depends on your chosen Power BI tool.

Power BI is available in several different versions, contributing to quick distribution and access to any update. The main ones are:

  • Power BI Desktop, a desktop application.
  • Power BI service, an online SaaS service ( Software as a Service), which the internet user accesses directly in the cloud – storage location on the internet. The speed of updating information entered directly into the service is worth noting.
  • Power BI mobile application can be accessed on smartphones or tablets with Windows or devices with Apple iOS and Google Android systems.
  • Domo: is a cloud-based platform focused on business user-deployed dashboards and ease of use, working across multiple industries (such as financial services, healthcare, manufacturing, and education) and roles (including CEOs, sales, BI professionals, and IT workers).
  • Sisense: Software that covers everything from the database through ETL and analytics to visualization – with an In-Chip engine faster than in-memory databases.

In short, Power Bi’s tools present a great revolution in concepts about reports and dashboards. They can be used in different positions and areas of activity in your company, such as Marketing, Engineering, Finance, Sales, Administration, and Information Technology, among others. , helping throughout the management process by granting:

  • Quick and easy access to your data;
  • Exploration and discovery of data;
  • Insights from any device;
  • Cross-collaboration of your organization;
  • Any professional who has access can view and analyze your data.

So How To Use Power BI In Your Business?

Develop Strategic Thinking

The programs will help you – a lot – in managing your business. But they do not dispense with a complete and objective strategy.

Therefore, it is essential that the entire team, especially the leaders, are aligned and able to recognize which data have a closer relationship with the company’s strategic objectives.

The tip here is to offer courses in strategic planning, data analysis and Business Intelligence, as well as clear follow-up with the team.

Define The Technological Resources

Which tools are most worthwhile for your business?

Please take a look at the most used BI tools, compare their features and try to choose those that best help your company collect, process, analyze and share information. Here, we’ll go deeper into them, so follow us to stay in the loop and identify which one meets your company’s needs. And then, you will be ready for the final stage.

Try The Program

Once you’ve taken the initial steps, start experimenting today. The simplest version of Power BI is free, and you can download it.

You can also opt for a monthly Power BI Pro subscription or subscribe to the Premium version, which allows for more possibilities. Among them, customize your dashboard.

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