Windows, MacOS, And Other Operating Systems At A Glance

Before user programs can be used, an operating system must be available. Many take the approach that comes preinstalled on their device. However, there are several different options with their advantages and disadvantages. Consideration is, therefore, definitely an advantage.

Windows From Microsoft Is The Most Common Choice

Except for Apple devices, practically all computers come with Windows. The price charged to the buyer for this is also known as the Microsoft tax. Buyers must pay for them even if they use a different operating system.

Especially if you are still using an older version of Windows, the question arises of whether you should buy Windows 11. Switching between versions provides an opportunity to explore alternatives. The straightforward availability of the system itself, the appropriate user software, and, last but not least, the staff who can handle it speak in favor of Windows. What speaks against Windows is that its spread also entails the most significant threat of malware. From the security tips of the BSI

this comes out indirectly when reference is made to the need for scanners for malware.

MacacOS From Apple As An Alternative

In the meantime, the devices and the operating system macOS from Apple are so widespread that most software providers have a version for macOS in their range. The user can count on the fact that the exchange of files with users of Windows will be possible without any problems.

In the case of macOS, the hardware is made by the same manufacturer as the operating system. This means that the device and system software can be precisely adapted to each other. This is entirely different in the case of Windows because this operating system must be able to run on the devices of many different manufacturers.

Because MacOS is less common and easier to secure thanks to its Unix core, there are also far fewer malicious programs for macOS. Viruses and other malware for other operating systems, such as Windows, get stuck in this system’s scanners.

Unix-Like Free Operating Systems

These Unix-based systems are available under a different software license. Their advantages include being freely available and open source. The program code is openly visible and can therefore be examined for security gaps. In addition, hardly any malware is written for these systems because they are not widely used. One of the challenges of these operating systems is that there is no company directly behind them, so support is not automatically available. However, this support can be purchased for many systems.

Examples Of Unix-Like Operating Systems

By far, the most widespread such systems belong to the Linux family. The most common ones, such as Ubuntu, come close to Windows regarding user-friendliness. With a dual-boot system, a computer can start with two operating systems and thus experiment with Ubuntu.

Arch Linux, which can be configured individually, is ideal for those interested in technology. OpenBSD claims to be one of the most secure operating systems. It can also be started from a USB stick.


There are other options besides Windows that should at least be considered. The most interesting operating systems are even available free of charge. Only a little initiative is required to get to know each other.

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