10 Apps To Organize Your Work


Organizing your work, in addition to being a necessity, can also bring many advantages. The deadlines and different commitments you have can become an absolute nightmare without a shred of planning on the part of all the people who work every day.

However, thanks to some applications available on your mobile phones (with operating systems such as Android or iOS, for example), you can save a lot of time and increase your efficiency in completing specific tasks, perhaps even dedicating yourself to a second job to increase your income. In this guide, we will show you 10 apps that will help you organize your work (and more) and make your life easier. They are all excellent; you have to try them to realize it.


  • A phone with an Android or iOS operating system
  • Internet connection

Any Do

The first fantastic application that I recommend is Any. Do a sort of agenda that lists the activities you must carry out daily, checking them off once they are finished. It is very customizable, and for this reason, you can effortlessly manage all your commitments. Any. Do has been recognized as the most downloaded app in Switzerland precisely because of its reliable and precise operation. If you are someone who tends to be stressed and needs a sort of “secretary” to remind you of all your appointments, this is the app for you.


The second application is Timeful, which will recommend the best time during the day to carry out a particular activity, also based on your habits. This app is ideal for those who need guidance and orientation to juggle the sea of commitments without ever forgetting any of them.

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Two Today

The third application that I recommend is Due Today, full of features including reminders so you don’t forget the work to be done and alarms for deadlines for commitments made. The only negative note about this fabulous app is that, unfortunately, it only exists in the paid version. Still, it’s more than positive features that manage to overcome this minor obstacle.

Task Astrid

The fourth application that I recommend to organize yourself better is Task Astrid, which is very intuitive and effective for managing your commitments and more. A tender and cute little red octopus will help you remember all the appointments and deadlines for the work to be done by a given deadline. The best side of this sweet app is precisely these graphics that help to lighten up the day’s commitments, making work appointments more cheerful. I recommend you download Task Astrid if you are romantic and still have a childish side to your character.

Drop Box

Dropbox allows you to organize the files, documents, and folders you need online easily and intuitively, so they are protected and visible only to those who upload them. In this way, your privacy will always be guaranteed since no one will ever be able to read your personal or professional documents.

Google Drive

Google Drive has many of the features of Dropbox and allows you to install folders on your phone, share them on the internet, and download them again whenever needed. Plus, with Google Drive, you can also read and edit files online and offline. Not bad, right?


The seventh application that I recommend is Jorte. Very simple to use and customizable, it is a perfect agenda that allows you to activate the countdown for your essential commitments. This way, you will always attend a vital appointment again, and you will be able to significantly improve the quality of your business.

Do It Tomorrow

Do it… Tomorrow is a handy app; it aims to make you remember all the things you have to do tomorrow without putting them off (from shopping to work to meeting friends). Of all the apps, it is the third most downloaded, and for good reason: who wouldn’t want to know their commitments in advance? It’s better to plan the days with a large margin of time.


The penultimate application is Sunrise, a free app. Its screen is very similar to that of a calendar and very simple to use; when you click on a date, it will show you all the commitments, with related times, that you must do on that day. In addition to this, Sunrise has many other features that make it irreplaceable: you can plan your entire week so that your commitments do not overlap with each other, thus making your life easier. And as if that wasn’t enough, Sunrise can tell you the day’s horoscope to get you in a good mood.


The last application is the most famous and one of the most complete and recommended: it is Evernote; thanks to this application, you can plan your work and create a list of things to do (short or long term). With Evernote, you can also save your information in the form of notes, which you can decide to make private by activating an incognito browsing page, both written and in audio format. The best choice for all your top-secret negotiations!

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