12 Reasons To Choose A Professional Email Address

Having a professional email address is essential for all businesses. And yet, many small businesses (TPE) still operate with a free email address such as “your company@gmail.com.”

Here are 12 good reasons to choose a professional email address

1. A Free Email Address Does Not Link To Your Website

Working with a professional email address means communicating with your domain name. You have made, or will make, the choice of a domain name, which will be the basis of your corporate communication. Use it for your business email too! Your website is an investment; develop your notoriety and the traffic on your website thanks to your emails (and other techniques).

2. A Personal Email Address Does Not Promote Your Brand

Why value the big makers of free messaging when you can value your notoriety? Show your different interlocutors the professional that you are. It also requires the right tools.

A free email address is practical for personal use but not professional use. Indeed, an address of this type does not necessarily inspire confidence in your interlocutors. To obtain a professional email address linked to a domain name, it is necessary to choose professional hosting. This type of address has the advantage of limiting fraud and is more reassuring for customers.

3. Have An Email Address Independent Of Your ISP

An email address with your domain name also allows you not to be dependent on the communication choices of your Internet service provider (ISP). Indeed, how many of your contacts still have an email address with the name of an ISP that no longer exists? By having a domain name of its own, your company can keep the corresponding email address, even if it changes provider or host.

4. A Free Email Is Not Appropriate If You Have Employees!

You created your business alone; you quickly created a typical address companyname@gmail.com. Today, you are “growing up,” and your collaborators need a professional or collaborative email address.

Professional email allows you to create personal email addresses for your employees with your domain name. The exchanges will be personalized and professionalized, giving your customers assurance of addressing the correct department or contact.

5. A Professional Email Address Allows You To Centralize All Your Messaging

As a professional, you probably have a personal email address, a nominative professional email address, and a generic one such as contact@yourcompany.com Professional messaging tools offer the possibility of consulting all these mailboxes simultaneously on a single interface. If you plan to use Outlook pro email, here’s how to set up multiple email addresses.

6. Have A Professional Email Address With Suitable Storage Space

Professional electronic mailboxes offer you storage space adapted to your needs. Exchange flows are much greater than for an individual, and your content can be “heavy” to keep: scan of an order “good for agreement,” copy of contract…

7. A Professional Email Address For Enhanced Protection Against Viruses

We have often discussed the security issue of your digital tools. A professional inbox protects against “malicious” emails and “hacker” attacks. Some even offer an intelligent anti-spam robot that blocks all emails whose senders are included on blocklists or who use suspicious algorithms. Some protection services carry out an in-depth check at the server level to detect any viruses, spam, and spyware while systematically backing up emails.

8. A Professional Email Address Makes It Possible To Adapt A Mailbox To All Needs

Free email service providers offer a mailbox with a limited volume. A business email can provide more storage space suitable for business use. The hosts also offer the possibility of ordering additional space or mailboxes.

9. A Professional Email Avoids “Spoofing”

Spoofing or electronic identity theft is a real threat involving impersonating someone to send spam. This can harm the company’s credibility and pose risks to confidential data. Some professional email companies have implemented strict rules regarding this problem, prohibiting emails that use their mail as the sender’s address and sent from a third-party platform from reaching their destination.

10. A Professional Email Address Minimizes The Chances Of Ending Up In Spam

These are the free email addresses used mainly by spammers, hence the fact that anti-spam filters are stricter with this type of address. So, if you use a free email address to send your professional mail like newsletters, chances are that they will end up in spam and will never be read. With a professional email address, you are assured that the messages on which you have invested time and energy will indeed reach their destination, and your opening rate will be higher.

11. A Professional Email Address Is Safer

Some essential functions, such as acknowledgment of receipt and read confirmation, are not included in free messaging. On the contrary, the pro email address makes it possible to ensure that your emails have been sent and that they have been notified as such.

12. A Professional Email Address Allows You To Benefit From More Functionalities

Depending on the activity of the company and the importance of email in its organization, it may be helpful to have more functionalities such as SMS alerts on keywords, sharing of email folders, contacts, and calendars, or even push mail. Some providers even offer integrated services such as sending registered mail or managing large attachments.

Creating A Professional Email: Some Tips

Creating a professional email requires compliance with specific basic rules. The competition is increasingly fierce because the Internet has eliminated all boundaries concerning commercial activities. It is more than ever essential to take care of all the details, particularly the company’s communication tools. Hence, respecting a few rules when creating your professional email address is essential.

First, choose a domain name that reflects the credibility of the company. The most popular option is to choose one that matches your organization’s name. Words like “Outlook” or “Google” can be professional, but they are sorely lacking in uniqueness since individuals can also use them;

Also, it is advisable to leave nicknames to communications for personal purposes. Indeed, these names do not sound professional at all and should be banned for economic or commercial activity;

In general, exclusion numbers in the professional email address should be avoided. Although it is doubtful to have a first and last name that is unique in the world and therefore still unused for an email account, it is better to avoid addresses of the “JohnSmith 12” type, which are considered unreliable in the professional world;

It is possible to use generic names for specific purposes: professional email addresses such as info@mycompany.com are widespread on the web. They are characterized by the fact that they do not have an individual attribute and are often used for a particular department or department of the company.

You got it; if you’re using a free email address, it’s time to stop. Instead, consider professionalizing your communication tools.

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