How To Perform Corporate Email Protection In The Cloud

We are seeing the rise of internet means of communication such as Skype, WhatsApp, Telegram, and social networks, but email remains an extremely reliable and increasingly corporate channel. When a professional needs to exchange information with a higher level of secrecy, he doesn’t go to social networks; he sends an email. You also use email if you need to document a conversation with the supplier or customer.

Contrary to what was imagined, the new channels that appear all the time have remained of the same importance as what is forwarded by email. At this point, we assume the importance of corporate email protection. After all, digital transformation will only increase the number of data that travels through a network.

In this post, we will better understand the importance of corporate email protection and how the cloud is important in this regard. Check out!

What Is The Basic Security Measure Practiced By Email Providers?

Currently, it is normal for the main providers to operate with encryption in the configuration of an email mailbox since most free emails only accept an encrypted connection. Finding an alternative server with the option to use the email with encryption is possible.

Therefore, it is normal, when adding an email account, that the browser is required to configure both SSL security (data encryption) and travel through a secure port.

It is important to consider the differences between corporate and free emails. Among these differences is the implementation domain itself and the service provider server. It is very important to charge the corporate email service provider for a level of encrypted mailbox setup within the email environment. This is the first step in terms of security.

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How To Prevent Errors Caused By The Human Factor?

Many security problems in companies are caused by the human factor, whether due to lack of knowledge, tiredness/fatigue or negligence. Therefore, the company must have a group of well-structured policies regarding email protection, starting with a good password policy.

Many people use easy passwords, thinking it will save time, but this time savings is costly, as cybercriminals have robust tools to crack the strongest passwords.

Criminals devise strategies to steal your data using an attack called phishing. The company should have a policy that requires strong passwords and periodic changes.

Regarding the content, it is possible to perform attachment filtering in qualified corporate emails. In this case, your users are not allowed to receive attachments that are more likely to be viruses. Security changes organizational culture, in which everyone is aligned on the same objective: protecting the corporation’s data.

Why Is The Cloud The Best Environment For Corporate Email Protection?

When you place your email server within your infrastructure, it generates risks related, mainly, to the internet link and energy supply. As much as you have support for a few hours, an interruption in the power supply will prevent employees from accessing emails. When the company works with a cloud email server, it will operate in an environment that provides redundant links with operators.

Furthermore, it provides an environment powered by generators and socially engineered security. You remove the possibility of malicious people having physical access to the dedicated servers. The best thing is to have the implementation in the cloud.

Also, we have to think about electronic waste. Many scam emails bombard users’ mailboxes. Within these emails, there are fake messages that seem reliable but are sent by cybercriminals who want to steal passwords and compromise the entire network’s security through viruses. A corporate email needs to have a solution that we call premium.

It is a more evolved and advanced solution capable of filtering junk mail. Thinking about the security of the network and the user itself, this is an important point. Some implementations are under the service provider’s care and are related to domain protection. Thus, you can prevent malicious people from using your domain to send a message.

What Are The Advantages Of Migrating Corporate Email To The Cloud?

Now that we already know the importance of the cloud for protecting corporate email let’s get to know the main advantages of making a complete migration to the cloud. Check out!

Win Safely

In addition to redundancy backup, the big cloud providers offer better security protocols, much more up-to-date and modern than most companies can afford when using a dedicated local server. All this without abruptly transferring it to the customer; after all, all costs and server management are spread among all customers.

Have More Mobility

Nowadays, every professional depends on their workstations to stay competitive. Corporate emails hosted in the cloud allow access from any location and device, delivering much more mobility and productivity and increasing the possibility of retaining talent.

Scale With Ease

The goal of every small and medium business is to grow, and having a dedicated physical server at these times is not the best idea. With cloud computing, in addition to being able to increase or reduce storage capacity whenever necessary, you will only pay for what you use, making your budget much more predictable.

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