15 Tips To start The process of Digitizing A Company

The process of digitization of a company is basic, given the innovations that have been happening in recent decades in the telecommunications sector. It is an essential and unquestionable element for both the present and the future of our companies and, therefore, of our economy. It is the basis of the development of our society and companies cannot be oblivious to this reality.

However, although the future is already here, there are still entrepreneurs who do not know very well what are the main areas of impact of this trend towards digital. Therefore, below are some tips as a road map to succeed in the implementation.

These are the 15 selected tips :

1. Evaluation Of The Current Situation Of The Company

Not all companies have the same digitalization needs, that is clear. But in any case, digitalization can help any initiative to change its business model by making it more profitable. It is interesting, therefore, to know in detail the initial state of the company and the health of the brand to gather everything that makes it what it is and transfer it to the digital plane.

2. Development Of A Digital Transformation Plan

It is advisable to define a plan to take advantage of the new digital resources that will be executed in the medium term and in parallel to the physical activities of the store, factory or service company. In this phase, the own or external resources that will be responsible for managing the transformation plan must be established.

3. Understand And Optimize The User Experience (UX)

In contrast to the previous concept of customer experience, it is now essential to take care of the user experience. Thus, it is necessary to audit the company’s website and its auxiliary platforms to identify those problems that devalue the impression of the client or reduce the quality of its navigation.

4. Define The Social Networks In Which Profiles Will Be Implemented

Today, if a business is not in social networks it is as if it did not exist. In this way, the digitization process must include in its scope the implementation of profiles in the main social platforms and in those related to the business sector.

In addition, in order to promote the relevance of the publications, money can be invested in platforms such as Facebook Ads or LinkedIn Ads, which allow you to display the posts and advertisements on the main wall by paying an amount of money in return.

5. Create A Strategy In The Chosen Social Networks

While the main idea behind community management is the regularity of publication, nothing is as essential as generating engagement . To achieve this, there is nothing left but to use creativity. In a social landscape full of proposals, only those most groundbreaking, fresh and interesting publications win.

A strategy must be created that takes into account the target audience, the reference market and the competitor’s actions to seek some anticipation and improve the interaction results.

6. Analyze If A Business Needs A Blog And What Content To Generate

The most reliable way to improve the positioning of a web page is through content. Defining the contents to be published is equally important, and they must align with the real needs of the target client and their way of finding a solution to them.

7. Chatbots

Virtual assistants are the future. Thanks to them, it is possible to centralize customer service and establish an additional lead capture channel.

8. Cybersecurity

Complying with current regulations on data protection is another basic that cannot be ignored, as well as using secure https protocols, which not only provide protection, but also improve the SEO of the website.

9. Applications

In the era of smartphones, creating an application that supports the user is very convenient. It cannot be forgotten that more than half of the traffic generated daily comes from people who use mobile devices to access the Internet. Knowing this, it is a good performance to make it easy for the mobile user, designing an app that helps them access products or services.

10. Financing And Monetary Management

A business cannot, these days, develop digitally without accessing virtual fundraising events for expansion initiatives. Similarly, you must offer payment methods to your strictly digital customers, such as PayPal or Blockchain products that align with your monetary management preferences.

11. Intranet

The use of an intranet will favor the relationship between team members, the optimization in the programming of tasks and the security of communications. Working, for example, with an ERP can be an ideal way to enter the digital era in an integrated way and manage all the company’s data centrally.

12. Big Data

As the volume of data produced in an organization increases, the greater the challenges in analyzing it, but the conclusions obtained are more precise and allow for better decision making.

13. Artificial Intelligence

There are many functions that can be automated, from marketing activities to the management of the customer support device. And it is that programs are increasingly capable and the greater capacity of data management favors the emergence of simply amazing computer solutions.

14. NFC and QR codes

Through them you can link the digital structure with physical business resources, such as business cards or brochures.

15. Software as a Service (SaaS)

Whether it is to offer online services or consume them, the initiative must use this cutting-edge technology that allows to obtain digital tools at an affordable price or offer an online solution as the basis of the commercial process.

In short, there are many professional and training fields that have been redefined with the arrival of ICT. There is no other choice but to adapt to them and realize their full potential. As they affirm from Grupo Fuertes, « the digital leap entails numerous advantages for companies allowing, for example, to improve the analytical capacity to process information in real time, the traceability and control of said information, as well as the ability to anticipate to decision making «.

On the other hand, the less optimistic statistics affirm that one in five companies will survive in the future, and it will be precisely that which has begun its digitalization process as soon as possible.

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