5 Best Free Fax Services That Help You Fax Online in Seconds

The best online fax services are gaining the attention of many businesses. And for a good reason since they offer more security compared to emails and traditional fax machines.

Online fax services offer an excellent and quick way of securely sending faxes. To learn about the best free fax service, check out Google Fax Free. As the best blog on online fax services, Google Fax Free is the go-to resource.

With Google Fax Free, you will get to know some of the best free fax services. It even recommends some services like CocoFax, Fax.Plus, HelloFax, and eFax Free. According to Google Fax Free,these let you send faxes from any platform from Windows to iOS.

In this post, you will learn the 5 best free fax services that instantly let you fax online. Read on to know which offers the best free service.

#1. CocoFax – Best For Business And Personal Use

CocoFax is the leading online fax service with millions of users across the globe. The service provides a 30-day free trial period that allows users to send and receive faxes. Also, it provides users with a free fax number.

CocoFax - Best for business and personal use

CocoFax services have gained the attention of major media outlets such as the New York Times. It provides the best online fax service by blending value with service and offering top security.

CocoFax uses the latest security protocols to protect faxes during transmission. Also, CocoFax provides a reliable service. Besides, saving businesses significant investment in hardware, CocoFax provides quality service.

What’s more, CocoFax has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for users. CocoFax is compatible with virtually all devices. Users can use any computer, smartphone, or tablet to fax from CocoFax.

What Makes CocoFax Stand Out From The Competition?

CocoFax comes with multiple features that users multiple ways of faxing. For instance, users can fax from email or the CocoFax dashboard. Also, CocoFax integrates Office 365, Google Drive, and OneDrive.

What makes CocoFax stand out from the competition

Below are some of the things that make CocoFax unique:

1. Lifetime storage

CocoFax automatically archives all faxes for future use or access unless you delete them. It provides a great way of storing and accessing your faxes online. Also, faxes stored on its server are safer compared to printed copies.

2. Versatile

With CocoFax, users can send and receive faxes from any internet-enabled device. What’s more, users have different ways of sending and receiving faxes with this online fax service.

3. Safe

CocoFax encrypts all faxes to ensure they are safe during transmission. It eliminates the chances of unauthorized access to your fax document.

4. Fast and reliable

CocoFax instantly transmits faxes to recipients through the internet. You no longer have to wait to send or receive faxes. All faxes are sent and received instantly 24/7.

As well, CocoFax has an amazing notification for both sent and received faxes.

#2. eFax Free

With eFax Free, users get to receive faxes free of charge. Users can receive a maximum of 10 faxes through email per month free of charge. All faxed documents are archived for 30 days in the accessible message center.

After signing up for the service, eFax Free provides users a random fax number. Although the user interface is easy to use, it is outdated. The features in the free tier are few. For instance, users can’t send faxes and it doesn’t support electronic signature.

#3. Fax.Plus

Fax.Plus is another online fax service that provides users with a free tier. With Fax.Plus, you get to fax 10 pages before the trial comes to an end. After reaching the limit fax.Plus charges users 20 cents per page.

However, you can’t receive faxes documents during the trial period. The user interface of this app is among the best in the online fax service.

#4. HelloFax

Another online fax service that provides a fast and free service is HelloFax. The user interface of this service is up-to-date. Also, its features are excellent providing integration with OneDrive and GoogleDrive.

With HelloFax, users can fax internationally to over 70 countries. However, the free tier is severely limited. You can only send 5 fax pages beyond that it charges 10 cents for a maximum of 10 pages.

#5. FaxZero

FaxZero provides an impressive free online fax option. It allows users to send 5 faxes each day with up to 3 pages and cover page each. Users can send a fax without signing up for the service.

However, the biggest deal-breaker is the inclusion of the FaxZero logo on the cover page for the free tier.


The best free fax services allow users to swiftly fax over the internet. However, some provide better service than others since they allow users to send and receive faxes. One example is CocoFax, give it a try.

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