5 Best Smartwatches Women Should Be Wearing In 2021

Hey girl!

Are you looking for a new smart accessory that can replace your traditional watch while not compromising on your style? Then this read is just perfect for you!

With smartwatches taking the world by storm, we have curated the following list of best smart watches that you can consider buying in 2021. These watches are a perfect combination of beauty and functionality and will definitely make your life smarter and more convenient:

Fitbit Sense

A truly versatile smartwatch for the women of today! Packed with so many amazing features, this watch sports a beautiful look too! The stainless steel ring & AMOLED corning Gorilla Glass display gives this watch a nice look.

It’s wide range of sensors help you track nearly everything – from stress to blood oxygen levels, & temperature, to sleep. It even has an FDA-cleared electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) which is not a common feature in smart fitness watches. The 20+ activity modes provide you with real-time stats while working out. It also supports a menstruation tracker which can be really helpful to keep track of your health.

Talking about the smart features, you can have access to voice assistants and ask questions regarding weather updates and even set alarms. Take bluetooth calls, get text or app notifications on your wrist, as with this watch on your wrist, nothing will go -a-miss!

It offers you 6+days worth of charge and also supports fast charging. Just charge it for 12 mins and get fuel for the entire day.

boAt watch Xplorer

Wear your style on your wrist with this super trendy and versatile smart watch. Designed to match your vibe and make your life easier and smarter, this smartwatch comes loaded with many features. The 33mm screen size and the gorgeous look of the watch will instantly turn many heads. With a built-in GPS that seamlessly connects with your phone, feel free to embark on new adventures everyday! The 5 ATM water resistant design further gives you the confidence to never shy away from any challenge just because the terrain is a little too tough or it’s raining. With real time weather forecasts, you are guaranteed to make the most of your day, everyday!

With 24X7 heart monitoring and the wellness mode, keep a track of your progress throughout the day. The 8 active sports modes help you stay on the top of your fitness routine. It not only monitors your sleep but also comes with a menstruation tracker that helps track your monthly cycle. With integrated controls for music and camera, get ready to experience the future of smart wearables.

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Amazfit Bip

Packed with a large 1.43” HD color screen, this smartwatch is perfect for the ones who like to keep a tab on their everyday health. This fitness tracker watch allows you to monitor your heart 24X7 as well as measure your blood oxygen saturation levels. This helps you find your exercise sweet spot, especially if you are into heavy workouts. It has 60+ exercise modes which track a wide range of activities like Outdoor running, Treadmill, Walking, Outdoor cycling, Indoor cycling, Yoga, Cricket, Baseball, Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Free training, Fishing, Pool swimming, etc. It also tracks your sleep patterns and gives you insightful data on deep sleep, light sleep, REM, awake time and afternoon naps. It also supports stress monitoring and can provide breathing training to help balance your stress levels, so that you can instantly know when you need to rest and relax.

You can even customize your everyday look as per the occasion and the mood as it comes with 50 watch faces. You can even upload your own photos for a more personalized look. When fully charged, it gives you 9 days of usage.

Noise Colorfit Pro 3

This smartwatch for women comes with a 1.5” HD display and a touch screen which allows you to take charge of your day through your wrist!

Especially if you are a fitness enthusiast then this smart fitness watch can become your companion in achieving your fitness goals.

The integrated SpO2 sensor enables you to identify and track the fluctuating levels of oxygen in your blood. The dedicated HR sensor allows you to track your heart 24X7. Knowing your daily maximum and minimum fluctuations can help you make healthy choices. The auto sports recognition feature further makes your life easier by identifying your activity and recording your progress on its own.

As your overall health tracking is incomplete without checking on your mental health, this smartwatch also comes with a stress tracker.

The 5 ATM water resistance allows you to take a dive towards better health, without any worry.

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GOQii Smart Vital

If you are a hardcore fitness enthusiast who likes to be on the top of your health, then this smart fitness watch is definitely gonna be your favorite. Apart from tracking 4 important bodily features like the heart rate, body temperature, blood pressure and blood spO2 levels, this watch also comes with 18 active sports moes which make every movement count with accurate step counting algorithms, real-time data display & analysis to reach your health goals.

Apart from being in charge of your health, you can even control your music and get smart notifications from your mobile on your wrist with this smartwatch! And if you are someone who often forgets where you kept your phone, then the phone finder feature can be a real blessing for you all!

We assume that by now you have made up your mind and are all set to upgrade your style with the best fitness tracker smartwatch on your wrist!

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