5 Gadgets For Marketers Looking To Stay Organized

Staying organized is a great habit to get into, especially for a busy working professional. It is important to have both an organized personal life and work-life to stay on top of your game at all times.

Marketers know just how easy it is to lose track of time with so many assignments and projects taking place at once.

Living a more organized life involves keeping track of your essential belongings, remembering important meetings and information, and making smarter organization decisions.

With just a few small changes, anyone can keep all aspects of their life in order. Consider using these five gadgets to make your work and personal lives a little more organized.

Key Organizer

Carrying around keys is something we all do. We have keys to our homes and maybe a few keys from friends or family members to keep safe.

The ones you don’t use every day might end up in a drawer somewhere that you might end up forgetting about.

Instead of losing track of the keys you have or carrying around a heavy keychain, it might be worth it to use a key organizer.

Key organizers are great for putting keys in one small space. They are kept safely tucked into a device that keeps them secure, though you can still access them easily.

Many key organizers are small so they can fit anywhere you might want to carry them around with. Some even come equipped with a tracking device so you can really never lose them!

A great place to find some of the best key organizers is this guide from Cool Things Chicago. There are multiple options to help keep your important keys in one place, so it is worth finding the perfect one for you.

Wireless Charger

A successful and busy career probably means taking time to travel, whether it is work-related or for personal fun.

Wires are the worst when it comes to traveling anywhere, even to the grocery store or just to work every day. Unfortunately, the devices we love need to be charged in order to work.

Headphones and chargers get tangled up easily, plus it is so hard to remember what charger goes with what device. A wire-free charger is so useful for keeping those wires under control.

Wireless chargers are the best to keep your bags more organized without all the knots and twists in the wires. They simply connect to smartphones to keep them charged during the days you spend out and about.

For marketers, it is especially important to stay online throughout the day to check on the multiple projects taking place.

Stay connected without all the wires for a more organized work lifestyle.

RFID Blocking Credit Card Phone Case

We carry our smartphones with us everywhere because we can use them for just about anything. With so many apps and methods of communication, of course, we want them in our pockets at all times.

We also tend to carry wallets around to keep our money and important cards on hand. Sadly, people know how to steal sensitive banking information without even seeing your card.

To help keep your credit cards safe and still in a convenient location, a phone case that contains a radio-frequency identification (RFID) blocking pocket is a smart move to make.

This can help protect against theft while keeping the cards you need close by. You can also make your own phone case like this that can sport the logo of any brand you want to support.

Keeping your important cards and documents in a convenient location that you would never leave home without makes it easier to carry everything you need. It is even better than a case like this can protect against theft every day.

Smart Plug

Before heading out for the day, you probably plug in a few items that you plan to unplug when you are not home. Panic might hit once you get to work and realize you might have left the flatiron on.

A smart plug connects to your phone so you can turn off the outlet while you are away. You won’t have to worry about any dangerous items being left on while you are out because you can quickly check up on it.

A smart plug can also allow you to turn on lights that are plugged into it, helping you come home to a lighter house. If you are traveling, you can turn on the lights for the pet sitter so they won’t be walking into a dark house.

If you are forgetful, this is a great way to keep track of the devices you have on and off. Getting your home equipped with a few of these smart gadgets can really make a difference in how safe you feel at home.

Make sure you closed the garage, turned out the lights, and shut off the high-temperature items that could be a potential risk.

You can have more peace of mind while working hard so you can stay on track for the rest of the day.

Device And Accessory Organizer

With so many smart devices comes the accessories that are needed with them. Headphones, chargers, a keyboard, a mouse, and a stylus might be essential, and the list could go longer!

Keeping all of your tech items in one place is important for knowing exactly where they are at all times for easy use.

A device and accessory organizer is a great way to store the technology you use daily. They come with pockets for everything you might need for work or a period of travel, including a sleeve for a bigger tablet.

Work can be completed much more effectively if all the tools you need are nearby and organized. You will feel so much better if you keep it all somewhere you can access at any time.

Messy bags are not the most effective way to go about your day. One space for everything related to tech is a smart idea to stay organized and hard at work.

Being a marketer means having to be on top of everything 100% of the time. Make the most of your daily schedule by using the gadgets that will only increase your productivity.

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