5 Reasons Why Cloud Security Is Crucial For Businesses

Couple an already existing trend to move to the cloud with a pandemic that forced billions of people to stay at home. What do you get? A massive boom in the adoption of cloud technology.

Many businesses and organizations now leverage the benefits of the cloud to store, share, and access files and data for an efficient and comfortable business workflow. It allows businesses of all shapes and sizes to achieve operational scalability, manage the IT infrastructure, and save capital investments.

But this increasing use of cloud and cloud computing technologies also brings several online security risks. Therefore, ensuring cloud access security is of utmost importance.

In this article, we’ll see how cloud security can protect your business data and reputation from several online security threats.

Importance of cloud data security for businesses

Cloud platforms ensure enhanced scalability, flexibility, and operability at affordable prices, making most businesses transition from on-premise data centers.

Several malicious entities take undue advantage of this transitioning, compromising business security and data stored on the cloud.

Here’s why securing access to cloud services and ensuring robust cloud security is important to prevent your business from this situation.

1. Protection against security breaches

An online security breach is difficult and time-consuming to detect and, if detected, can cost millions of dollars to businesses.

When it comes to cloud- be it private, public, or hybrid, you’re no longer in control, as you are trusting a third party.

To ensure this security, you must choose a reliable cloud service provider that offers top-tier security. But again, it’s also your responsibility to secure your cloud from security breaches.

2. Ensures disaster recovery

Apart from ensuring cloud security access control, having a reliable disaster recovery plan helps businesses be prepared for the next step if anything unfortunate happens.

Disasters like security threats, human errors, or natural causes can wipe out all your cloud business data, and that’s the last thing any business wants. So, cloud data security systems prevent your business from going through huge losses by offering services like a reliable disaster backup or recovery strategy.

3. Manage remote work

Cloud data storage services help businesses to access data securely from any part of the world. As a result, employees have the benefit and ability to access applications and data from any remote location- resulting in flexible working environments and global hiring.

However, not every employee adheres to the security guidelines and best practices like using public Wi-Fi to access a company network. This can put the business at greater security risks.

Secure cloud storage solutions help prevent these using consistent risk management methods to assess device, user, or application risk.

4. Eliminate weak links

Poor security practices and weak links can put business data at risk- threatening business security, integrity, and reputation.

Cloud security allows businesses to implement access controls on employees by limiting access to only those applications they require and restricting access from the sensitive and unrequired areas. This helps build access levels and prevents weak links, which could be responsible for data leaks.

5. Regulatory compliance

The last yet most critical benefit of secured data access in the cloud is that it helps comply with regulations.

Businesses need to comply with certain standards like HIPAA and GDPR for legal functioning to ensure the company’s integrity and security.

These compliance standards hold the business responsible if their customer’s data is hacked or leaked into the wrong hands. Therefore, apart from losing customer trust and business credibility, businesses are also held accountable by these third parties. This makes having cloud security that is compliant with the regulations and standards is extremely important.


Considering cloud security is more than necessary for businesses, considering the potential losses from security breaches and other online threats.

Instasafe Zero Trust is a robust security model that offers simplified cloud access security to help businesses improve their performance, productivity, and credibility. Check out their services and ensure maximum cloud security for your business.

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