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7 Techie Gadgets Gifts You Can Give

You may be looking for a late holiday present or a birthday gift you can give for your loved one. This time we will not be talking about those Omega Speedmaster, apparel, and accessories you see online. This will be all about techie gadgets that you might want to consider. Here are the 7 tech gadgets recommended for you.

1. Whichever Sonos Speaker System – $399

Sonos Speaker is the size of a home speaker and one that is meant to stay around and not move too often. You could still take it around, and it has got an excellent 10-hour battery life as well as USB type-c.

It has two Class D amplifiers, and its sound quality is outstanding. This is their first Bluetooth speaker, but it also works via Wi-Fi, just like other home speakers. You can also use smart home systems such as Google Assistant as well as Amazon Alexa.

2. Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer – $499

Dyson Supersonic hairdryer is so different from any hairdryer and whether you go with the limited edition or not, which is just $50 more and comes with this lovely case. It has three different heating modes as well as three different power modes. You can also have a cooling setting as well.

3. Oneplus 7T – $599

If you are looking for a great smartphone under $1,000 and even close to $500, the Oneplus 7T is a perfect recommendation at $599. This phone not only has a triple camera setup on the back, but it also has a 48-megapixel primary sensor and a wide and a telephoto.

Its display is among the best on the market for any smartphone being 90 hertz and also 1080p with a 3000 MAH battery life. This is one of the best Android phones at the moment that is affordable.

4. Apple Ipad – $329

Apple Ipad is one of the most desired gifts for anyone who doesn’t have an iPad yet. Or for school purposes and just wants an all-in-one system for you or your kids. It has a lower starting price of $329 for a 10.2 inch iPad model.

In terms of power, it can consume media very quickly with a large display. Even for productivity, such as e-mails, or typing up Word documents, you are going to be perfectly fine with doing all of those tasks on the base level iPad.

5. Vizio Smart TV – $329

Another great gift is a brand new TV that can be a centerpiece of a living room for many years to come. Vazio is a 58 inch TV, and it comes in at $329. It has a 4KV series line with HDR compatibility and Dolby vision.

The overall visual quality they are getting for the prices is excellent with deeper blacks because of the full array backlight. Beyond that, the Vizio TV also features a fast and easy to use smart TV experience with Vizio smart casts which allows you to enjoy all the apps that you know and love.

It also has Apple Airplay 2 and Google Chromecast, and this is all built-in so you can stream content directly to it with just a few taps. There is also support for voice assistants, including Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa enabled devices.

6. Mavic Mini Drone – $399

A lot of people want a drone. And for a few reasons, drones are a little bit more difficult now because they are expensive, but at the same time you also need a license in Canada and U.S., But the DJ Mavic Mini is our newest drone, and it looks a lot like just the mini version of the Mavic Pro 2.

This drone is under the FAA restrictions by one gram, and it weighs in at only 249, which means you don’t have to have a license to fly it. It does not shoot 4K, but for most people, 2.7K at 30 frames per second is going to be more than enough.

It is like the improved version of the DJI Spark, which is one of the most recommendable drones that has easy controls using your smartphone. And it also has a 30-minute battery life.

7. Gaming PC Set-up- $300- $2,000

Having this set-up is every man’s dream. From teenager to adult, once they sit down and face a fully setup gaming PC, nothing else will matter anymore. However, to have that setup is a bit pricey. Here are some of the equipments needed for the setup:

Operating System (OS)- This one is highly needed. Buy Windows 10 if you can afford it. It can be customized to be more like XP or 7 whatever you want.

Mouse and Keyboard- If you play shooting games, a good mouse has a more impact on your game than your keyboard.

Motherboard- For a great playing rig, it won’t be necessary to get a gaming motherboard, because they have the smallest, if any, impact on gaming results.

Gaming chair- A good budget gaming chair, because sitting is harmful to your health, suits your particular posture and bodily type, and helps you to sit both comfortably and ergonomically. The market today offers several budget gaming seats.


In choosing the best gift, always consider not only its price but also its quality. Not everything expensive serves good quality, and not everything cheap means it has low in quality. Sometimes, those expensive ones fail you and vice versa.

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