Access Control: On The Safe Side With Cloud Solutions

Many companies already rely on cloud solutions for access control. Anyone looking for a secure and dynamic solution for access control is well advised to use a software-based access control system in the cloud. Cyber ​​attacks, therefore, represent a real risk for companies. A Bitkom study from 2021 shows that this affects almost nine out of ten companies. According to the survey, the financial damage increased by 358 percent within twelve months.

The criminals are mostly concerned with companies’ data and have their IT systems in their sights. It is, therefore, important for companies to protect their IT infrastructure and make it future-proof. This requires safety systems that are designed for the new requirements. These include firewalls, spam filters, antivirus programs, encryption, and access control solutions. Today, physical security is about much more than just lock and key.

Access Control – Securely Up To Date

Software-based access control systems are ideal for ensuring that access control functions are reliably and dynamically scalable, allowing access authorizations to be created quickly, easily, and managed automatically. Moving the access control solution to the cloud offers even more advantages. And that too in times of cybercrime – especially because cybercriminals also attack access management systems. That may sound contradictory, but it isn’t. Because if the solution for access control is operated in the cloud, IT security increases, among other things. Cloud solutions offer high-security standards.

On the one hand, data is stored securely and encrypted; on the other hand, the software is always up to date. Because the cloud provider installed updates – and often before users find an update necessary, this increases the security of the IT infrastructure and quickly makes it clear: In times of cybercrime, companies with high-security requirements should rely on cloud-based access control systems.

Relieve Employees, Reduce Costs

Security solutions in the cloud not only increase security but also relieve employees. Efficient and reliable access control requires intensive monitoring, support, and maintenance of the application, IT infrastructure, and peripheral components. This usually ties up valuable human resources and know-how. The actual tasks often fall by the wayside – risk minimization and strategic development. IT security ultimately suffers as a result. This is how the provider takes over the operational and monitoring tasks. With cloud-based access control solutions, responsible specialist administrators benefit from simpler mobile access to quickly implement configuration changes.

Companies also save on expensive server hardware by outsourcing their security system software from their IT department to cloud providers. Cloud solutions usually only charge for services that companies use – for example, through a pay-per-use model. Unused but paid software licences are a thing of the past. Ultimately, companies can reduce their fixed costs in this way. Other users can also be quickly and inexpensively integrated into a cloud solution. It works regardless of device and location, as long as there is a stable internet connection – and it works around the clock.

Control For Access Control From A Single Source

A cloud solution can open up numerous potentials in a company. However, data pools always harbour the risk of improper access. Choosing an intelligent solution and a trustworthy partner is all the more important. The answers must follow a holistic approach. All information channels should be encrypted, and the solution should have tailor-made rights management and goal-oriented organisational structures.

Access rights should be managed and changed centrally. It is also advisable to rely on a provider who offers both the cloud solution and the appropriate hardware for access control from a single source – this includes Interflex, for example. At Interflex, both components are perfectly matched – if the software is updated, this also applies to the hardware and vice versa.

Interflex can also carry out system analysis and monitoring as a provider of hardware and software. This way, problems are identified early, and Interflex can take countermeasures before the customer notices. This allows the potential of cloud-based access control solutions to be fully exploited. Cloud-based access systems not only make everyday work easier but also more secure. Anyone who relies on a reliable partner and an intelligent solution protects employees, companies, and company values.

The Benefits Of Access Control In The Cloud At A Glance

  • Versatile scalability
  • Focus on core tasks
  • High availability of the application
  • security and usability
  • Scalable, plannable, and transparent costs
  • Support from experienced specialists

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