Apartment Amenities That Your Residents Want In 2021

The fact is that the world of multifamily amenities has altered dramatically. Things that were formerly considered the “greatest apartment amenities” are no longer deal breakers, and other features have taken their place. Renters now desire specific perks, and they are keen on getting them.

It makes perfect sense to learn what tenants want so that your property focuses on worthwhile enhancements. There is no point in investing in amenities that won’t draw your audience in. If you want to increase the number of leases on your property, adding a few of these amenities could be just what you need. So many amenities are now standard that you must do something to set yourself apart. Consider your future residents in addition to the amenities.

In this article, we’ll look at the facilities that residents genuinely desire and how those amenities may help you keep them.


Some folks enjoy going to the gym and will only use subpar apartment fitness facilities if they are desperate. The solution is to build a visually appealing and user-friendly fitness room. This is one area where you should contact a professional gym designer since you will want to stay on top of the current fitness trends. Check with your legal team about gym-related liability risks and if your tenants and their visitors will be required to sign any form of disclaimers before using the facilities.

Your potential inhabitants want to live somewhere that cares about their well-being. Given the high cost of gym memberships and private workout studios, having these amenities in your neighborhood is a significant plus. Yoga, Spin, Zumba, and other classes are possible. Renters demand quality fitness training that is free of charge. Peloton Bikes, Sweat by Kayla, or any other popular exercise feature might be included in these luxurious fitness facilities. The addition of fitness community facilities is a huge game-changer for all properties.

Smart Locks

Having everything you need on your smartphone has become one of the most wonderful benefits of modern existence. Your prospective tenants want to be able to access their flats with the push of a button. This sort of entry mechanism is possible thanks to smart locks. A smart lock is an electromagnetic lock that can be unlocked using a mobile device. This simple solution makes sense because standard keys are easy to misplace and inconvenient. Furthermore, it may eliminate the requirement for the property to handle key distribution. Smart “apartments” are a new type of luxury. As a result, making one tiny modification may elevate your community from adequate to exceptional.

Wi-Fi And Cable

When your parents moved, they had to contact the electric company, the gas provider, the water utility, and the phone company to establish service. One more jigsaw piece has to be connected, and that is Internet service. Even though the landscape is changing, renters typically don’t have many options when it comes to electric, water, or gas service. Internet connection, on the other hand, is a problem since there are several providers and techniques for obtaining an Internet signal.

When someone asks, “What do I do for Internet and cable?” “It’s in the building, all you have to do is plug in,” you should be able to say. Furthermore, complex-wide Wi-Fi is an excellent complimentary amenity that you may give to your residents. When renters’ friends come to visit, it’s a pleasant bonus to be able to rapidly connect with a strong Wi-Fi Lan cable connection, and if you can make this happen, you’ll be able to compete in what’s become a competitive industry.

Lap Pool Or A Lounging Pool

Having both of these high-end apartment facilities may be a huge benefit to any property. On the one hand, a lap pool is ideal for athletes or individuals looking to keep in shape without using a treadmill. Lounge pools, on the other hand, are a wonderful facility for families and people who wish to get a tan by the water without leaving their building. You may select the pool choice that best matches the demands of your inhabitants, or you can have both types of pools. While at it ensure you select the best valve supplier for your pool because they play a vital role in ensuring that water is expelled in the right direction to avoid flooding. It’s the ideal opportunity to distinguish yourself from other properties!

Local Events & Connections

Set your residents up for success in their community. While resident events have frequently been the norm, attendance at these events isn’t always good. It may be more appealing to your inhabitants to join in anything your community has to offer. A local fitness teacher may come to give a class, a local food truck may put up a pop-up rental booth, or a local retailer may set up a pop-up shop. The aim is that it will elevate your resident events beyond simply being an activity. Consider how you can incorporate what makes your neighborhood special into your community.


We hope that these high-end apartment amenities inspired you to provide your residents a variety of unique bonuses. Have you ever seen or developed a bizarre amenity that we didn’t include? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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