Best Smart Surveillance Cameras In 2020

Security is one of the aspects that should concern us both in our business and in our home. For that reason, we must take all necessary measures to avoid or at least quickly alert us that intruders are trying to access our properties and that is something that can be achieved by buying one of the best wireless security cameras .

These are devices that, in addition, are useful for, at a distance, to know how the elders who live with us are while we are away, to discover what our pets do at all times …

If you are considering buying one now, we recommend that you continue reading. And, then, we are going to let you know what are the criteria in which you should look to buy it and even the most praised models in the market at this moment.

Tips For Buying a Surveillance Camera

In the market there are a lot of cameras of that type for sale. Precisely for this reason it is necessary to be very clear about what is being sought and also in what aspects to pay attention in order to find the ideal one. Specifically, these are the characteristics that must be taken into consideration to buy the best surveillance systems :

  • The type of surveillance camera . This is, without a doubt, the first aspect you should keep in mind. And there are several differences: the fixed and perfectly visible, those that hide or camouflage, those of bullet class that are installed on ceilings or walls and that point towards a specific area; the dome, which can rotate up to 360º .
  • If it is for indoors or outdoors it is also another criterion to take into account and it is that the latter are much more resistant because they will have to face all kinds of weather conditions. Therefore, you must think very well where you are going to place it.
  • The resolution is no less relevant. And the quality of the recordings made by the camera will depend on this factor. In this case, you should know that to place it in a house will be sufficient with a resolution of 720p, that is, HD.
  • The viewing angle is also a really important criterion when buying a surveillance camera. And it is not the same model that is going to be installed to record a single point or zone that another that intends to cover a wider space and needs to make a complete turn for it.

If you have night vision , the design it has, its connection, the type of sensor it has, the brand that guarantees it and even its price are other aspects to be taken into account when acquiring this device for security.

Some Of The Best Surveillance Cameras

Once you have learned the tips to buy this article, it is time to discover which are the best surveillance cameras on the market , according to the opinions, fundamentally, of the users.

1. QZT 720P Surveillance Camera

If you are looking for a cheap surveillance camera that offers good service, nothing better than this model, which is on sale in the Amazon online store for about 30 euros.

It has infrared night vision , performs instant notifications, has a resolution of 720p and its rotation is 90º vertically and 355º horizontally.

To all this we must add that it has an intelligent PIR sensor , that its audio is bidirectional and that it is recommended to be used at home. It weighs 399 grams, its size is 7.3 x 7.6 x 10 centimeters and can be controlled from the mobile thanks to the Wi-Fi connection, provided that it has an Android operating system. It can be hung on the wall.

Those who have it stand out that it is easy to install and that it can be programmed so that when it detects movement it takes an image and sends it by mail to the owner.

2. Superie Surveillance Camera

The second position of our ranking is occupied by this other model that has a resolution of 1080p, which is indoor , has night vision and is compatible with both smartphones with the Android operating system and those with iOS.

It has motion sensors, quality bidirectional audio, rotation of 355º horizontally and 110º vertically and weighs 522 grams. Its dimensions are 8.5 x 8.5 x 10.1 centimeters.

Its points in favor are the quality of its images, its ease of configuration and installation and that it quickly notifies the mobile when it detects movement. It costs about 46 euros.

3. Mibao Surveillance Camera

Of this other model nestled in the list of the best surveillance cameras we can not overlook that it offers Full HD resolution (1080p) , which is designed for interiors and that has night vision .

It automatically tracks the movement, its audio is bidirectional and has a weight of 481 grams. Its size is 8.5 x 8.5 x 11 centimeters.

In favor it has that it is compatible with both Android devices and iOS and Windows, which is configured in a simple way and that use is really intuitive. It is for sale for 40 euros.

4. Sricam IP 1080p Surveillance Camera

An indoor surveillance camera with 1080p resolution . Thus we can define this fourth model, which detects movement and incorporates night vision . It is compatible with Android and iOS, has a horizontal angle of up to 355º and vertical of up to 90º, weighs 540 grams and its size is 12.7 x 13.7 x 10.2 centimeters.

It allows you to configure your alarms, it is capable of withstanding temperatures between -10º to 50º and those who have it stand out that it is made of quality materials and that it offers a good value for money. Specifically, this is 42.99 euros.

5. Amcrest Surveillance Camera

Hallmarks of this camera, available for about 116 euros. It allows recordings even in low light, has remote storage in the Cloud and is a dome type model.

It weighs 272 grams, its size is 10.2 x 11.4 x 9.9 centimeters.

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