Artificial Intelligence For Companies: All The Advantages For The Future Of Companies

From the advantages for marketing and eCommerce to helping to fight cybercrime: the usefulness of artificial intelligence for businesses. Artificial intelligence now permeates our daily life among robots, chatbots, predictive technologies, a new way of understanding big data, and automatic learning systems. Many companies and university research centers create and program technologies with ever-higher quality and better performance. Artificial intelligence demonstrates its versatility: from cognitive search to improve information management in the company to A.I.

As a marketing tool, up to chatbots used above all by telephone companies. “It is a revolution that will change the corporate world. We travel at the speed of Moore’s law. Every 18 months, the computing power of microprocessors doubles, and we often fail to predict this exponential transformation. His consulting firm conducted the research ” Artificial Intelligence Business Evolution: artificial intelligence as an accelerator of digital transformation, “which focused its attention on artificial intelligence for businesses.

The Value Of Artificial Intelligence For Businesses

The survey underlines the economic impact of such a choice, by no means negligible, showing how much the world market of artificial intelligence is worth today: the figure is staggering since it already reaches 18.3 billion dollars. Between planning and acting, however, there is an abyss. It is not easy for a company to keep up with the times, implement its skills and tools, and use artificial intelligence for businesses. Here, the state should come into play in the first person. Businesses will be “only” responsible for raising and owning private capital, essential for supporting any project. “We need a strong venture capital ecosystem.

Artificial intelligence has the peculiarity of adapting to any environment and environment, and data centers are no exception. The companies that own these huge structures, containing servers always running to allow users access to the network and platforms, have always aimed to reduce the energy consumption of these buildings. After acquiring ‘DeepMind,’ Google, for example, successfully uses the A.I. ​​developed by the startup to manage cooling systems, demonstrating how 15% has been saved on energy costs. So it is thanks to its extreme versatility marketers have begun to understand how to exploit artificial intelligence for businesses.

This would make it easier to achieve success, also significantly improving the R.O.I. of your advertising campaigns. How, however, can it bring advantages in the field of marketing and communication in more detail? The study shows the actions that can be discounted with the introduction (or increase) of A.I.:

  • Allow marketers to make unlimited use of the large amount of data they possess by automating data analysis and insights processing. It is possible to use artificial intelligence to extract useful data from social networks: using this technology, “we can have an overview of all our social networks, have KPIs that we can specifically monitor and understand if the action we are taking and the strategies we are using are effective “;
  • Allow marketers to deliver ad hoc projects with more targeted and effective messages based on user preferences. Machine learning, “a domain within artificial intelligence that deals with designing and building intelligent agents,” is particularly functional in this sense. This technology allows you to build ” targeted marketing campaigns, “that is, “based on historical data, I build a model that allows me to identify the customers who are most likely to respond positively to a promotional campaign with great accuracy. ” Furthermore, as the expert added, the usefulness of this technology can also be seen in the recommendation systems integrated within platforms such as Amazon or Netflix, ” which, based on the behavior of users or their peers, propose new products. Or the services these users may be interested in. “
  • Increase the effectiveness of media execution by optimizing campaigns throughout the customer journey and improving performance and R.O.I.

However, this awareness must not be interpreted negatively: it opens up the prospect of new hires and the search for talented figures capable of fulfilling this now fundamental role within a company.

Predict Failures And Malfunctions

Artificial intelligence is also very popular in the medical field. In the case of e-health, the main objective would be to arrive as soon as possible at a type of predictive technology that can therefore predict what and when you will get sick. All this will be possible thanks to algorithms that the machine will memorize through the machine learning process, capable of making correlations between the symptoms described by the patient and the characteristics of the disease.

All this would also apply to information technologies: algorithms instead of diseases should anticipate any failures in computer systems, avoiding problems for the company.

The potential uses of artificial intelligence for companies belonging to different sectors are manifold. As previously pointed out and described by the speakers, A.I. allows “the automatic analysis of company data, the prediction, and detection of anomalies.” Systems such as the one created by the SAP company – Hana – allow “to automatically analyze company data, therefore a data-driven operation which allows predicting anomalies or fraud attempts by analyzing deviations from the average given that in the end, there is a probabilistic statistical system. ”

The A.I. ​​can also detect failures based on another type of data, i.e., by monitoring the ” noise ” generated by machinery, which can indicate any problems. The goal is to “monitor the” sound “of turbines, generators, alternators, and other components” and, thanks to a predictive diagnostic system, check the status of “rotating machines or (machines) whose operation produces noise emissions. “The increase of IoT devices in our lives has led to an increase in the number of data collected by various devices. It is assumed that the quantity to be processed will exceed man’s ability to make sense of them.

Therefore, it would not be easy to manage a complex global IoT network that produces, collects, and distributes information without the aid of a mind at the center of the network capable of processing everything. These systems, therefore, must be able to give meaning even to information that is not taken into consideration today because there is no knowledge of a method to profit from it, and in a world where big data is everywhere speed in processing. Of a meaning is fundamental.

Utility For E- Commerce And Customer Experience

Thanks to artificial intelligence, it is also possible to perform predictive analyses on user behavior within an eCommerce site. This is what platforms like Apttus do that exploit big data and predictive analysis for the automatic optimization of eCommerce processes. It is possible “to analyze all user behavior on the site, analyze searches and suggest areas of interest that the company may never have noticed. Before ”, such as types or categories of products that he had never considered. During the speech, the experts listed some possible applications of artificial intelligence to eCommerce, referring to

  • The personalization of the customer experience ;
  • Help in making decisions, thanks to personalized suggestions aimed at users;
  • The answer to product questions, in real-time (24 hours a day);
  • Information addressed to the user on the status of orders and shipments.

For example, eCommerce in the apparel retail sector can benefit a lot from chatbots. Become real ” personal shoppers ” who can not only suggest products based on customer preferences, proposing combinations, but they also allow you to virtually concentrate the entire purchasing process within the conversational interface “without breaking the experience,” bringing the customer to the site only when the purchase is completed.

An Ally In Fighting Cybercrime

Today, any corporate information, whether patent or simple data, needs to be protected to protect itself from cyber-attacks. Any appropriation of corporate information or, worse, sensitive customer data could cost you dearly in terms of reputation. But how can the adoption of A.I. for business help prevent attacks by malicious people?

Surely using machine learning applications: after having learned the structure of networks and connected devices, in case of anomalies – thanks to a quick scan -, they should verify if an external agent causes the deviation. The speed in scanning and learning could offer companies an excellent prevention system for external threats. The Israeli startup ‘Deep Instinct’ has already tried: through neural networks and deep learning, a network is created that learns from the data it has available: as the data acquired increases, the danger of suffering an attack decreases.

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