Becoming A Web Developer And Growth Hacker: What It Means And What Are The Professional Outlets

Web developer and growth hacker: two figures increasingly in demand by companies but simultaneously vacant. Figures such as that of web developers and growth hackers are among the most requested, but there need to be more candidates sufficiently trained to respond adequately to the needs of companies. And many still need to learn the meaning of the term growth hacking: we will see what it is later.

According to the EU Youth Report, the report on young people drawn up by the European Commission, today’s under 35s are the most educated generation of all time. Yet young people find it difficult to find work or if they find it is poorly paid and far from their expectations. The basic problem is that Italian academic training often needs to provide the tools and practical skills to enter the professional world.

At the end of the course of study, it is rather common to encounter the difficulties of entering the world of work. In the ICT world, in 2015 alone, there were 550,000 job positions open and by 2020, 1,300,000 specialized figures could be missing. A recent study by Modis India speaks of digital mismatch, i.e. a need for more professional profiles compared to those the market could absorb.

Suffice it to say that only 22% of open positions in our country need to be identified candidates possessing the required skills. Becoming a web developer will allow you to present yourself to companies with an excellent “business card”. If you already have the programming basics, increasing your skills will allow you to find a job with a good salary easily.

The survey published by Page Personnel highlights how the average salary of a web developer ranges between 20,000 and 25,000 euros gross in the first year, reaching 35,000 euros as early as the third year of activity. And this above all based on the number and level of knowledge of the various programming languages, the type of skills acquired and the responsibility assumed on specific web projects.

Am I Becoming A Web Developer: What Skills?

Anyone who aspires to become a web developer must necessarily possess different types of skills: technical but also and above all, transversal.

What Does It Mean?

The programmer must be able to immediately identify the development tools to be able to create a product that complies with the design specifications requested by the customer. He must then know the most widespread programming languages, the main rules of structured programming, the different types of software applications and the main operating systems used on computers and mobile devices.

The programmer must certainly have adequate graphic and technical skills to determine and verify the level of accessibility and usability of the software developed following the users’ needs; must be a good Project Manager (have a good level of English, especially technical, analysis and synthesis skills, aptitude for precision and understanding of customer needs) and, finally, obviously, a good predisposition to teamwork.

On IlSoftware., we often share methodologies, resources and tools to develop. For those wishing to continue their training as self-taught, the Web offers numerous sources of information to increase their skills. Code.org, for example, offers foundational courses for those new to programming.

To continue, you can use the Mozilla Developer Network, which, with a little effort, helps you master HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Even hackr.io provides a large number of resources both for those who have recently approached the world of development and those who are already more experienced. Countless, then, the resources to study PHP, ASP/ASP.NET, C++, Perl and Java: here is the list of the most used programming languages.

Invest In Your Future In India

To invest in its future, TAG Innovation School, the Talent Garden Innovation School, the largest physical community in Europe of digital talents, has created CodeMaster, the first and only training course in India for 12 weeks of full immersion and 6 months of paid internship as programmers .

CodeMaster Frontend Edition, reserved for 20 students, allows you to become a Frontend Web Developer, able to work immediately in a development team. At the end of the course, you can design and develop websites and web applications using HTML, CSS and JavaScript as technologies operating natively in a web browser, within native applications such as PhoneGap and Cordova, or native cross-compiled applications such as Titanium and React Native.

What is Growth Hacking, And How To Become An Expert In The Sector

In an era in which social networks are at the center of the lives of many individuals, many today feel like social media managers or people capable of generating visibility in online communities.

In reality, the figure who deals with communication and marketing in a company must be made aware.

That’s why the term growth hacker was coined to refer to that specific professional who knows how to use his programming and marketing skills to meet the company’s needs. The goal is communicating in the best possible way: many companies need to improve to succeed because despite having a quality product – sometimes even very innovative – they focus too much on the good – material or digital – without investing in communication projects.

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, has considered this his mantra. The growth hacker is therefore called to work to increase traffic and conversions by transforming as many visitors into users who purchase the goods or services presented on the website.

He implements a scientific approach based on data analysis, looks at long-term results and develops a continuously verified growth model to adapt it to changes in the digital world. Identifying scalable, predictable and replicable processes allows us to anticipate people’s needs by transforming simple visitors into customers.

Traditional marketers are now “dinosaurs”: the growth hacker uses digital marketing tools by combining a solid knowledge of programming, user experience and data science . If web developers are highly sought-after figures in Italy and Europe, the growth hacker – in the Old Continent – still needs to be discovered as a lever to grow a company’s business.

Many companies often turn to alleged SEO/SEM experts who demonstrate obvious shortcomings and need help to bring the expected results to the farm when put to the test. For a company, on the other hand, having a valid growth hacker means investing in growth and immediately giving a boost to projects under development. Suffice it to say that in the United States, growth hackers earn about 80,000-100,000 gross dollars a year (data Indeed ).

These figures in Europe need more room for temporary recruitment in the most important companies. TAG Innovation School has developed Growth Hacking Marketing, the first part-time Italian master to become a Growth Hacker, a training course that includes 108 hours of live training and 40 hours of online training.

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