How To Get JavaScript Developer Jobs In 2021?

Programming is the soul of the digital era. Digital is not possible without the work of programmers, including JavaScript developers. Because of this huge demand, companies all around the world are looking for highly skilled JavaScript programmers constantly. In fact, the number of JavaScript developer jobs has increased enormously in recent years.

Even though new opportunities arise every day, it is not easy to get a job that offers a fat paycheck and a satisfactory atmosphere of the workplace. This is the reason we have created a step-by-step brief guide to help you get JavaScript web developer jobs.

Why JavaScript?

JavaScript is arguably the most popular language of browsers for a very long time and there is a good reason for it being consistently among the top. Let’s take a look at them –

  • Easy setup: Unlike other programming languages JavaScript does not need any software to be downloaded and installed on your machine in order to access its features and create a development environment. Anyone with a browser can use JavaScript by navigating to the developer tools section and can start coding.
  • JavaScript libraries and frameworks: The popularity of the JavaScript programming language has resulted in the creation of several libraries and frameworks. They make the application development process much more efficient and performant. Some examples of libraries that are used across the world are – React JS, jQuery, D3.js and more. Popular frameworks that are used to provide optimal performance are – Angular, Ember JS, Vue.js and more.
  • Active community: JavaScript is backed by a large community of developers. This community not only builds new plugins and frameworks but also offers to learn the language, interact with peers, share ideas, support each other and grow together.
  • Full-stack development: There is no doubt that JavaScript has maintained dominance in the web development field. In the beginning, it was used only for front end development but then came Node.js that offered the ability to use JavaScript on the webserver. With this, the scenario of ‘JavaScript everywhere’ became a reality.

How to get JavaScript developer jobs?

Now that you know why JavaScript is so popular, let’s find out how to land an in-house or remote JavaScript developer jobs –

Learn the basics – As a beginner, learning the basics is the hardest step of all. But, it is the most important of all. You must have a clear understanding of basic concepts before moving forward. Learn the fundamentals like Let, var, const, If-else statement, Loops, Functions, Map, Filter and Reduce, Expressions and Operations, Numbers, String, Arrays and Objects, ES5, ES6.

Learn framework and libraries – As a beginner, the vast number of JavaScript frameworks and libraries might confuse you. You might question which one is the right one among all of them. But keeping in mind the learning curve and job aspects, it would be best to start with Vue.js or ReactJS or AngularJS.

Start with small projects – This is the first step to put your theoretical knowledge to practical use. Hence you should start small. Start off with smaller projects like calculator, currency converter or traffic light simulator, then only jump to much bigger and complex projects.

Take a course – Courses offers you well-researched resources that you can use to learn JavaScript. Some platforms even provide certification that can be an added advantage when you apply to JavaScript developer jobs. These courses typically cover the following topics –

  • Fundamentals of JavaScript
  • The object-oriented aspect of JavaScript
  • AJAX, Fetch API and Asynchronous JavaScript
  • DOM manipulation & events Error handling in JavaScript
  • Iterators, generators, patterns and regular expressions
  • JavaScript frameworks or libraries

Explore best practices – By this point, you should be confident in creating HTML, CSS and JavaScript files and seamlessly connecting them together to build your web application. Now that you have passed this milestone, you should learn the best practices of writing efficient and performant codes. Focus on how your code looks and format it accordingly.

Learn HTML5 and CSS – Besides Javascript, you are also expected to know HTML5 and CSS. So, before you start applying to JavaScript developer jobs learn their basic principles. Although the list of topics under HTML and CSS is quite long, most of it you can learn within a short period of time.

Take algorithms challenges – Algorithm is the backbone of the computer science field. Every programmer irrespective of the language they expertise in should understand and use algorithms for calculation, data processing, and automated reasoning. Hence, you should take algorithm challenges to either brush-up or assess your skills.

Learn database – Database is used to store and manipulate data. In turn, as a developer, you are expected to have knowledge of at least one database that you can connect to your application.

Prepare for the interviews – Before going for an interview, it would be wise to go through all the concepts that you learnt till now. Focus on your notes and important resources to brush up on whatever you learned.

Apply for the best jobs – As we have already mentioned that it is not easy to get the highest paying jobs with a good working environment. The process is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort in researching the companies. This is where comes into the picture.

Turing jobs offer you the best remote JavaScript developer jobs in USA. Hence, if you want to get full-time and long-term remote JavaScript jobs with better compensation and career growth, you should join the network of the world’s best JavaScript developers with Turing company. They offer opportunities to work with top US companies from the comfort of your home and you get to choose your own work timings. You can head to their website to learn more.


If you want to become a JavaScript developer, you should aim to scratch out all the pointers mentioned above. This step by step guide will help you prepare well for the interview and will set you apart from the crowd. Once you are done with the preparation, start applying to JavaScript developer jobs.

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