Top 10 Career Choices of the New Data Age

Data is our new gold – there is no longer a debate with regard to this fact and it is thus imperative to know and understand how the labor market is changing to keep up in this age. Just as there were gold rushes in the past and many millions of people were able to build lives and maintain lifestyles on the metal, so too, is there a rush to find the top jobs in data. In fact, many aspiring applicants look for onsite or remote jobs in Dallas, Atlanta, and DC where they can build their career in this field. The similarities are numerous, in that just like gold, data quality is paramount, it’s uses are wide and varied, and there is a great deal of investment at risk. This article will discuss the top-10 career choices that now exist in this age, noting what they actually entail and how best to get involved in these career choices.

1. Data Analyst

It’s fitting to start with one of the top jobs for the next decade, which is titled and named in accordance with the main aspect of what is the most value commodity: data. We’re in the data age and one of the top job opportunities will be as a data analyst. This is someone who can analyze data and present this data in a manner that makes sense to others in a clear and competent fashion. The data analyst will be at the core of ensuring that businesses are able to make use of the vast amounts of data that has been gathered and stored over time. It is thus big data, in that it is available in huge amounts, is transmitted at high speed and is gathered from a number of different sources.

There is, however, absolutely no point having big data if there isn’t a means to analyze and use this data for business growth and sustainability. It is the data analyst that will do this, and based on the amount of currently available data, there will be a demand for this role for the foreseeable future.

How to get into this sector and find a job

A degree in computer science or a background and experience in software engineering and database development will be the basic requirements for a job as a data analyst. There are also a number of highly rated online courses that you can undertake. A lot of the big cloud providers, such as Microsoft and IBM and Google, offer some fantastic short courses that will go a long way to building your understanding of data and how to use it efficiently. A great way to embark on a career in data is to start with these short courses and see how you enjoy it and read as much as possible to improve your understanding.

2. Technology Investment Analyst

In a time of such economic uncertainty as has not been seen before in the global economy, there is a demand for those who are able to analyze the markets and understand where the best place to invest is. Bank interest rates are at an all-time low and those with even a little savings are looking to invest elsewhere at this time. Whichever sector you are going to invest in will need to be known inside out. Technology stocks and shares have been a great investment for a number of years and still are. Having a detailed knowledge of the tech industry would be the first step in the right direction. Knowing tech trends and what’s hot, allows you to be able to make the right investment decisions and using predictive analytics, it’s possible to make a successful career in this field. Tech is often a volatile investment, but in recent times has proven to be quite secure.

How to get into this sector and find a job

The routes to investing are numerous and varied and many a successful investment analyst or tech investor started by trial and error. The safest way, however, is to have a good grounding in finance, so if you come from outside the sector, and have worked in tech doing, an additional qualification will go a long way to making you finance and investment savvy.

A qualification like the Online MBA Degree Finance Concentration will give you the edge in this instance, providing the financial understanding that’s necessary to get into a role such as this. As long as you have a background in technology and qualifications, you will be able to add the finance and investment layer that you need.

3. Social media marketer

E-commerce and the online marketplace as a whole have expanded exponentially over the last five years and are expected to only get larger and cover a wider geographic range over time. This has seen increased demand for those who intimately understand the various social media platforms and is able to implement a marketing program that will work to improve brand awareness and sales online. Social media is now massive and as such it is the perfect marketing platform and social media marketing (SMM) is one of the fastest growing sectors at the moment.

How to get into this sector and find a job

The easiest way into the social media marketing arena, is through social media. Having a great understanding of social media is best shown on and through social media. There is not necessarily a set career and study path for these roles, considering that it is a newish field. However, a background or qualification in marketing will go a long way to helping you understand some of the basics.

4. Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is one of the fastest growing tech fields at the moment, as we look to improve the manner that machines are able to learn and imitate human learning and behavior in the appropriate manner. It is at the top of the list for tech careers and is currently trending based on the speed at which the sector is developing, from Google Maps guiding you trough traffic to the ability to use machines for deep learning and automated medical testing and analysis. What was a job for the future has arrived and the sector will provide an increasing number of employment opportunities in technology-related fields.

How to get into this sector and find a job

The entry into a field as technically specific as this, will require technical qualifications such as a degree in computer science and then you can always add to these skills.

5. Games developer/VR/AI

The rise in the number of people playing online games and video games has grown like no other entertainment sector in recent times. This demand has been quite difficult for the games development sector to keep up with and there has been a high demand in the labor market for games developers. Whether it’s the music, graphics or the storyline, gaming has evolved, and the games development job sector is alive with possibility.

How to get into this sector and find a job

For many developers out there, the main mode of entry into the sector has been gaming itself. However, being able to play games won’t necessarily make you a good game developer. There are some coding and software skills and knowhow that you will need to hone and develop to make it in the games development sector.

6. App developer

There are millions of apps available today and new apps are being created on a daily basis. Businesses now realize the power of well branded and interesting activity or even shopping-based apps. There is a current need for app developers as well as those who can update, access app information and analyze this to improve business practice. It’s an immense sector in tech at the moment and it’s often noted that the next big thing in tech may just be in app development.

How to get into this sector and find a job

As above, entry into the app development sector requires a detailed knowledge of mobile, Android and IOS apps and how they work.

7. Cyber safety/ethical hacking

Cybercrime is one of the biggest obstacles to the continued growth and development of modern business as we know it. In response to this there is a growth in the cyber protection industry and one of the hottest tech jobs at the moment is as an ethical hacker. The name sounds more risqué than it really is. It’s essentially about being a cybersecurity expert who sets out to hack the organization that they work for. This is one of the best ways to test corporate cybersecurity and ensure that the correct firewalls are in place.

How to get into this sector and find a job

Finding employment in ethical hacking is not an easy prospect, as being allowed entry into the security systems and protocols of a company is rare and will not be offered to everyone. It is a field that is no longer shrouded in secrecy, and by starting off in cybersecurity and ensuring that you are at the forefront of what is happening in the industry will allow you the possibility to interact with and assist organizations with their security. There are also several short courses available, and new emerging companies in this sector, just ensure that they are genuine and certified.

8. Internet of things

The more devices that are connected to the internet, the more support is required for these and this is what has been responsible for the growth in internet of things technicians and support staff. A simple example is the humble security camera or doorbell app, which is now all connected to the internet and can allow you to open the door remotely to allow guests who arrive early to gain entry. This technology needs to be maintained and updated – it’s just another layer of technology that provides for an additional selection of tasks and jobs that become available.

The possibilities are becoming endless, for both tech support, customer support and technical installation of the smart devices themselves.

9. Healthcare data analyst

One of the sectors that has been most impacted by the development and growth of big data is the healthcare sector. Patient records on a historical basis, demographic information, births, sickness, chronic illness, vaccinations and much, much more form the basis of a medical history network that is bigger than any other sector data and growing the fastest.

How to get into this sector and find a job

Understanding cloud technology will provide the entry point here. However, entry and securing a job in this field will be further strengthened by a history or previous employment in the healthcare sector. The role is an amalgamation of understanding big data and its use in healthcare.

10. Cloud technician/infrastructure and development

Most of what has been mentioned herein will occur in the cloud. This area involves the ability to understand, set up cloud storage and then be in a position to maintain the surrounding infrastructure, hardware and software to ensure that access to the cloud is fast and seamless as well as providing the desired information in real time. These jobs are prolific in the tech sectors and once set up a lot of the additional work can be done remotely.

How to get into this sector and find a job

There are a number of job options available in cloud computing. For the more technical aspects of cloud engineering and setup, you will need a technical grasp of cloud computing to be able to boost the business development process through cloud solutions.


The jobs of the future have arrived, and as such they will change what we know of the jobs and labor market. There really has never been a better time to change career or start a new career. Technology has changed and continues to change faster than ever imagined and with it so too, all of society. It is important to be aware of the type and nature of jobs that are available and prepare in advance if you are in the market for a change. Not all of the job opportunities are directly linked to big data, but all of these jobs are made possible by the use and advancement of big data.

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