Best Places To Display Your Vinyl Banner And The Best Accessories To Use

You’ve finally ordered your custom vinyl banner – great. The next step is choosing where to hang it for display and accessories, ensuring it’s secure. When determining where to hang your vinyl banner for display, whether it’s within or the side of a building, a trade show booth, by the roadside, or as part of a room’s design, it’s essential to ensure the banner’s effectiveness. Read on for guidelines on the different ways to use vinyl banners to get the most out of your marketing campaign.

Hanging Your Banner Directly On A Wall

One of the most used ways to hang a vinyl banner is on a flat wall. Velcro adhesives are your best bet for temporarily hanging a banner on a smooth wall. Banners that are hung this way look bright against a wall.

Hanging your banner on a brick wall or something similar will require hooks and screws. With this method, you’ll have to drill on the wall to display the vinyl banner, so it’s usually a permanent option for hanging banners. Ensure that you use washers with the screws to fit through the grommet, providing adequate stability.

You can also display your vinyl banner on a wall using some special glue or double-sided tapes. Due to the possibility of damage to your vinyl banner and the permanent nature of these two methods, they aren’t recommended.

Suspended Between Posts

Suspending your vinyl banner between posts is also another display option. The vinyl banner is usually fixed with grommets on all four corners to allow the banner to be pulled tight between the posts. You can do this using zip ties, ropes, or screws to secure the banner if the posts used are wooden.

You can install hooks into the posts to utilize the use of grommets on your vinyl banner. If your banner is a bit large, it’s best to include a middle post. This will provide stability, keep the banner taut, provide the best appearance, and ensure no potential damage occurs in windy conditions.

Hanging From A Ceiling or An Awning

When you hang your banners on a ceiling or awning, especially in stores or restaurants, it’s best to use a rope or a string with grommets. Ensure that the rope is long enough to feed through the grommets and back to where the rope is anchored.

Displayed On A Flagpole

You can display your vinyl banner on a flagpole by the roadside on your business location. Hanging your banner on a flagpole can be done using pole pockets on grommets. When using grommets, ensure that you use zip ties or metal hanging clips to secure the banner to a pole. Pole pockets, on the other hand, are ideal for sliding a flagpole through the top or the bottom of the vinyl banner.

Vinyl banners are versatile and durable, and if maintained properly, they will last for years. If you’re looking for the best designers of vinyl banners, go to

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