The Best Telecommuting Video Conferencing Tools In 2020

These video conferencing tools are for us the best teleworking video conferencing tools in 2020. They can be adapted to all types of meetings and allow you to communicate, while seeing your interlocutor, with your team in better conditions. These tools will even be useful to continue your activity after confinement.

1. Skype – Free Tool

Skype is software that allows users to make phone or video calls over the Internet, as well as screen sharing. For user-to-user calls, these are free, while those to landlines and mobile phones are chargeable. With Skype for Business, you can now simplify your infrastructure by using a single platform for calling, conferencing, video, and sharing.

Support: Web / PC application / Mobile application

Price: Free

2. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a customizable collaborative platform that integrates different functionalities. In particular, instant messaging, allowing exchanges in teams or by workgroup while keeping track of all exchanges, video conferencing, storage and transfer of files. This platform also allows you to plan team meetings and share emails and contacts. In addition, there is the possibility of screen sharing which is very practical during a meeting for example.

Support: PC Application / Mobile Application

Price: Free offer / Office 365 Business Essentials / Office 365 Business Premium / Office 365 E3

3. Zoom

A zoom is a teleconferencing tool. This tool provides a remote conferencing service that combines video conferencing, online meetings, chatting and screen sharing. In addition, there is the possibility to create our own private meetings using a code and invite participants with it. This tool is very practical and very easy to learn.

Support: Web / PC Application / Mobile Application

Price: Free offer / Office Pro / Office Business / Enterprise

4. Whereby

Whereby is a tool that offers video meetings in the browser, meaning that there is no download and no connection required for the guests? This tool offers features such as screen sharing, the ability to join the meeting in one click, the creation of a private meeting. In addition, on this tool, there is the possibility of making a videoconference up to 50 people but also one of the peculiarities of this tool is to be able to record the meeting.

Support: Web / PC Application / Mobile Application

Price: Free / Pro / Business Offer

To conclude, these tools presented in this article are the most suitable tools in 2020, in our opinion, for videoconferencing with your team. Obviously, these tools are useful during confinement to continue your activity but also after it.

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