Choosing The Best VPN Plan for Your Business – Can It Be A Free One?

A virtual private network (VPN) offers a secure tunnel for data transmission between a connected device and an intended server. It encrypts data to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, a VPN makes its remote server the primary source of data transmission instead of a device. As such, the trackers of websites get to see the IP address of VPN servers.

One of the primary functionalities of a VPN is to enable a user to access websites that are inaccessible through normal browsing. Proxy servers also provide this functionality. As such, some users also consider using a proxy VPN.

Users can either choose a free VPN or decide to go ahead with paid subscription for accessing the premium features of a VPN. Most users who use a VPN for personal use go with the free option. But is it suitable for businesses? What could be the best VPN plan for a business organization? Read on to get an insight into it.

VPN vs. Proxy: Which One Should You Choose?

Both VPNs and proxies enable users to browse the Internet with safety. As a result, most users believe they refer to the same thing with slight differences. But practically, the scope of a VPN is much broader than a proxy. A VPN fares better than a proxy in offering security features, encryption, and privacy.

There is hardly anything more important than data safety for business organizations. So, they must know the differences between VPNs and proxies to make an informed decision.

Proxy fares well when used for fundamental web functions. It blocks the IP address of a device, just like a VPN, by acting as the gateway for such functions. Thus, it is ideal for those who want to protect their data and ensure security in an internet session. However, it provides limited anonymity and does not offer encryption.

Furthermore, a proxy is helpful only in bypassing proxy blocks, and it does not have the wide range of security features that a VPN has. Just like VPNs, proxies also come across free and premium options. Using a VPN is much simpler than using a proxy, though.

A VPN server provides anonymity and robust encryption features to help overcome the vulnerabilities of a proxy server. Also, a VPN offers certain additional features, depending on the type of service you choose.

Are Free VPNs Worthy of Being Chosen for Business?

VPNs are available as both free and premium options. Urban VPN is the only option among free VPNs that offers a full set of features you can rely on. It will help you meet the majority of your business needs. However, there are also other free options.

You can choose a free VPN if you want, but a paid subscription will enable you to get additional features. It is the right option for business operations as you would need speed, encryption, anonymity, and other premium features. Some paid VPNs are also capable of supporting operations on the cloud.

These features add up to make a paid VPN a better choice for business activities. However, you also need to consider your budget. Choosing a VPN service for your business needs according to your budget would be the ideal choice for you. Your bet to do it is to compare different VPN providers’ services, prices, and special features.

Best VPN Plans for Businesses

Your business needs may be different from others. Accordingly, your definition of the best VPN plan for business would vary from others’. If you wish to identify the right option for your business, you need to bear your business needs plus budget in mind.

Here are some leading choices for you.

1. NordVPN

NordVPN is the best premium option for businesses. It has monthly and annual subscription plans of $11.95 and $99, respectively. Along with the best encryption and security features, it also allows users to connect up to six devices simultaneously.

Plus, it does not throttle the speed of the Internet in a session. Alongside offering requisite protection, it also prevents intrusive advertisements.

2. PureVPN

Two things that separate PureVPN from other options are its amazon goffers and top speed. Because it has a good speed, you can stream videos on platforms like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime. Its subscription plan is available at $10.95 per month.

To help connect your mobile and other devices securely to your intended server, PureVPN has more than 2000 servers across 140 countries. You can get in touch with the customer service department if you need any help or assistance.

3. Urban VPN

Touted as one of the top VPNs, Urban VPN has unlimited bandwidth. This is the feature most users look for. With a huge network across 80+ locations, this free VPN offers you blazing speeds and access to any website. Moreover, it protects your data and identity with encryption.

Final Thoughts

You need to follow a different checklist to choose a VPN for business. Though it may take some time and research, a VPN option will fare better for your business needs than a proxy server. You will get both additional and advanced features with a paid VPN option. Choose one of the above-mentioned paid VPN options and see how it works for you.

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