What Is VPN? Comparison Of The Best VPN Providers Services, Prices, Special Features

A VPN connection is also the best way to surf anonymously, send data encrypted over the Internet or to bypass locks such as geoblocking in 2020. We present a selection of the best VPN providers. Users also search for many VPN’s like protonvpn, NordVPN, PureVPN, proton VPN, Surf Shark, Thunder VPN, OpenVPN, Ufo VPN, Super VPN, ExpressVPN, Urban VPN, Secure VPN etc. But in this article, we are going to explain the detailed view of the best VPN services

The feeling that your own data is no longer as private as you want it to be and that somehow something is always read or tracked has become almost normal in everyday online life. Content is casually hidden, censored or delivered tailored to your own preferences as if we did not notice it.

In order to regain at least a bit of internet autonomy and adequate data protection, we are introducing some Virtual Private Network providers that can be used to disguise and encrypt online activities in 2020.

What Is VPN And What Do I Need It For?

VPN stands for “virtual private network”. A virtual private network is a self-contained network that is used for encrypted or anonymous communication and for sending data over the Internet.

With a Virtual Private Network connection, your own PC, laptop or smartphone or tablet serves as a Virtual Private Network client. A Virtual Private Network client is connected to a Virtual Private Network server of the respective provider using Virtual Private Network software.

In this way, the IP address that can be used to identify each end device or user on the Internet (and also in local networks) is replaced by the IP of the VPN server. The request from a Virtual Private Network client is brought to the actual destination through a tunnel, i.e. a website, another network or a specific service.

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The actual user is obscured in this way and the transmitted data is encrypted within the Virtual Private Network tunnel and is therefore also not visible from the outside. Most Virtual Private Network providers also let the user choose which country the IP address used should be assigned to.

First and foremost, a Virtual Private Network is used to anonymously browse the Internet and thus protect your own privacy. All data sent and received via a Virtual Private Network are encrypted and anonymized so that the sender and recipient are very difficult or even impossible to determine.

The anonymity of a Virtual Private Network user is also increased by the fact that all users of a Virtual Private Network provider – more precisely those who use the same assigned or selected Virtual Private Network server on the Internet – share the same pool of IP addresses. This means that this IP cannot be assigned to a specific user.

The only conclusions that a Virtual Private Network connection allows refer to the number, frequency and size of the data packets sent. Under certain circumstances, these parameters can be used to draw conclusions about the type of data.

In addition, a Virtual Private Network can also be used to bypass geo-blocking. Geoblocking is a technique used to regionally block content on the Internet. This mainly affects media content such as films and music. Although EU-wide streaming has now been decided by EU regulation, there will still be numerous countries in 2020 from which you will not have access to Netflix, Spotify, Sky or iTunes content.

If you use a Virtual Private Network service to call up a streaming page, you can simply pretend to the provider who has blocked the service in the respective host country by IP that you are not in Hungary (content blocked), for example, but in India (Content released). So as a subscriber to payment services you can also access content in those countries

Another area of ​​application for Virtual Private Networks is in companies, authorities or universities that want to give their employees or students access to an internal network from outside via the Internet. So you can access corporate applications from the home office or from a public WLAN to the intranet of your own university.

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VPN Providers In Comparison – Services, Prices, Special Features

Best VPN Providers Services


One of the best-known Virtual Private Network services is NordVPN. Up to six devices can use NordVPN to surf the Internet encrypted, securely and with a hidden IP address. Several thousand servers are available to choose from worldwide and thus also enable the streaming of videos that are not available at the current location.

There is no throttling of the speed after the consumption of a certain data volume. NordVPN also hides annoying advertisements and wants to protect users from hackers and malware. The price depends on the duration of the subscription – the longer you commit, the less you pay the equivalent of a month. There are also regular special offers and discount campaigns.


The provider PureVPN also regularly attracts with special offers, so that you can subscribe to the service for little money. The network offers speeds of up to 1 Gbit / s – this means that videos from streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or Hulu can be viewed smoothly without sacrificing quality.

Your own IP address is obscured by one of the more than 2000 Virtual Private Network servers located in more than 140 countries. There is an encrypted tunnel between the used PureVPN server and your own computer or mobile device for a secure connection. If problems arise, the service provides live chat support around the clock.

Surf Shark

Also, Surf Shark hides its own IP address against data sniffers and thus bypasses the geoblocking videos. Surfshark does not want to save user surfing data and also block advertising, malware, phishing and trackers.

Apart from the test access, Surfshark is only available for a fee, optionally as a 1-, 12- or 24-month subscription. Those who are not satisfied with the service for the first 30 days can claim the manufacturer’s money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost VPN

At CyberGhost VPN you get unlimited data volume with a 30-day money-back guarantee – so you can test the service comfortably and extensively at first.

In addition to the payment option, there is also a free version of CyberGhost, but this does not offer a server selection, only provides limited bandwidth and includes a queue for the connection.

If you choose the paid version, you get 256-bit AES encryption, automatic protection when changing the network and an integrated adblocker. In addition, you can freely choose one of the servers from over 60 countries and use the service on up to 7 devices simultaneously.

CyberGhost Virtual Private Network is available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as an app for Android and iOS.

Avira Phantom VPN

Avira Phantom VPN is available as a free and pro version. As the name suggests, the free version is free. The Pro version is released for use on multiple devices at the same time and can be tested free of charge for one month, after which it can be cancelled monthly.

In addition to preventing DNS requests, Avira also offers automatic emergency disconnection in its Virtual Private Network software, which automatically disconnects the Internet connection if the Virtual Private Network should fail. If necessary, the Virtual Private Network services can be changed at any time, servers are available in over 20 countries.

In addition, no-log files should be created at Avira, so movements on the Internet are not recorded.

Private Tunnel / OpenVPN

The VPN tool Private Tunnel originated from the open-source project OpenVPN and can be used free of charge for seven days. Switching to the payment option will therefore quickly become unavoidable.

This costs around 5 euros (the US $ 6) per month or around 30 euros per year for use on up to three devices. The subscription is flexible and can be expanded at any time if necessary so that more than three devices can use the service.

If you need a Virtual Private Network solution for the private sector, for example, to be able to access the private home network while on the move, you can use the completely free OpenVPN for this purpose. Private tunnels are available for PC, Mac and Linux as well as for iOS and Android mobile devices.


The Virtual Private Network software ExpressVPN is only available for cash, so there are no disappointments about a small data volume or a limited bandwidth. For the money, you get the software for PC, Mac and Linux as well as the appropriate apps for Android and iOS.

There is also a version of the tool for installation on the home router and as an extension for the browsers from Google and Mozilla. ExpressVPN also offers 256-bit encryption, unlimited bandwidth and data volume, and 30-day money-back guarantees.

The Virtual Private Network servers are located in 94 countries and offer unlimited server changes. In addition, the manufacturer promises not to create connection protocols and 24-hour customer support via live chat.

Other Ways To Use VPN

You don’t have to rely on the software of a Virtual Private Network provider to use a veiled and encrypted Virtual Private Network connection. An alternative is, for example, the Tor browser. Via Tor, you move in a self-contained network, almost in a Virtual Private Network. When you enter the Tor network, a list of all available Tor servers is downloaded.

This list is then used to determine a random route via the Tor servers, which each extends over three servers. The connection route is also changed every ten minutes, which should ensure the greatest possible anonymity and security. A “disadvantage” of the connection via Tor is that cookies, Java and Javascript are deactivated by default.

The surfing experience is a bit bland in comparison since dynamic content is not visible. In addition, the Tor network is noticeably slower on the Internet.

Another option for a Virtual Private Network connection to the Internet is the Opera browser. Opera has a Virtual Private Network as standard, which can be switched on or off if desired. You only have the choice between a few server location regions, but that is completely sufficient if you only want to bypass geoblocking and use your regular Netflix subscription in other EU countries.

In addition, the Opera Virtual Private Network is free and there is no limit to the amount of data used. There was also no loss of speed in the test.


No Virtual Private Network provider can give a 100% guarantee of anonymity and data protection. With the right know-how and the associated technology, at least conclusions can be drawn about transmitted data and – under very unfavourable circumstances – the identity of the user.

Nevertheless, Virtual Private Network services offer the best anonymity that is technically possible. It is therefore advisable to use Virtual Private Network services if surfing behaviour is to remain private. For occasional users, the integrated Virtual Private Network of the Opera browser, with which surfing and streaming can be used free of charge, is sufficient.

But only within this one browser – applications and actions outside the browser bypass the Opera Virtual Private Network. Users of other browsers, such as those from Firefox and Chrome, also look into the tube – and are therefore best advised to use a paid Virtual Private Network service.

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