Concept Of Pinterest

Pinterest is the name of a digital platform launched in 2010 . Its operation is based on the development and administration of personal boards that allow searching and sharing interests .

Pinterest was created by Ben Silbermann , Evan Sharp and Paul Sciarra . Its purpose is to connect users through what they consider interesting.

To use Pinterest , you need to register on the website or access it with a Google or Facebook account . Once this step is completed, the subject can start following other Pinterest members and store and classify content on various boards.

Given its characteristics, Pinterest can be defined as a social network . In his particular case, it is a visual-oriented venture, since videos and images are shared in it.

One of the main features of Pinterest is that it is used virtually as a cork sheet in which, with a pin , photographs, notes, etc. are hung. In this way it is used as a kind of place to store ideas or projects, or even to collect those goods or services that are intended to be enjoyed at some point.

Companies, meanwhile, find on Pinterest a tool to promote and market their products. The service allows you to add links to the images, which makes it possible to direct users to other websites .

With more than 265 million active users on a monthly basis, Pinterest is among the most popular sites in the world. The company debuted on the stock market in April 2019 with a capitalization of $ 12.6 billion .

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