Do Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence To Boost Your Results

Being present on the Internet is a basic need for companies. And this became even more irrefutable after the social isolation imposed by the Coronavirus. However, many of these actions fail because they need more integration and synergy generated by Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence.

Digital Marketing is evolving rapidly, and the number of fronts available to the market is incredible. Each of these fronts requires specific tools.

For example, Google search engines, Inbound Marketing tools, Content Marketing platforms, Email Marketing automation, CRM, etc.

And the most important thing to observe is that the more we open the range of options, the more processes are developed.

If, on the one hand, this demonstrates that the technological revolution is placing Digital Marketing on a level of excellence never imagined. On the other hand, it generates a question about the need for these fronts to act synchronously so that one action enhances the result of another.

And even more essential: everything must be in tune with the objectives of each company. Thus, the information generated by digital strategies must be well absorbed by the Commercial Department and the areas of finance, human resources, and the operational sector.

It is easy to imagine that this solution requires more innovation and technological advancement. The good news is that it already exists. It is Digital Marketing with Artificial Intelligence, which operates in an integrated and synergy way.

Integration And Synergy In Digital Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

First, the right thing to do is to integrate the actions, unite the tools and give uniformity to the campaigns. Second, acting synergistically allows the final result to be greater than the simple sum of each action.

It is logical that specific actions such as creating a blog, publicizing on social networks, and advertising on Google, for example, can give results for the company. However, using Artificial Intelligence – as Onflag Negócios Digitais does – the results can generate a real transformation. See the advantages:

  • It helps to reduce advertising costs through forecasts in data analysis, improving the targeting of campaigns.
  • It concentrates actions, automates tasks, and gathers data in one place.
  • It provides the other sectors of the company with unique access to the knowledge learned by AI, continuously adjusting strategies.
  • It reduces risks because the machine can detect and prevent errors and identify fraud.
  • Decreases the churn rate: how much your company has lost customers and revenue.

You will always be ahead of competitors. It is monitoring precisely and in real-time what is happening and why. This is also vital to position yourself properly and react quickly to possible attacks.

Want A Practical Example Of This? The Email Marketing

Two decades ago, emails had high performance and delivered concrete results quickly. As this resource grew exponentially, it fatigued the reader.

Your email inbox is full. You only open some of them. But if an email appears that solves a problem that is driving you crazy, the chance of opening it and reading it immediately increases.

It’s that simple: you don’t open most emails because the sender has yet to learn who you are. What do you think? What do you feel? What do you want out of life? The difficulties you face.

This is the same concern you need to have when sending your email marketing. And Artificial Intelligence does that.

The data to be segmented are provided by the lead at the time of conversion and their entire history of behavior on the network. The AI ​​captures and processes this immense amount of information to draw the best possible profile of it.

This makes your Email Marketing incredibly personalized, with a unique approach, and sent at the right time to the right person. That is, goodbye generic campaign.

A curious detail: the body of the email has areas that attract more attention than others. AI helps find them and uses them to make the content easier to understand and more relevant.

And How To Get Ahead Of The Competition?

Let’s imagine the following situation: Let’s say the customer bought the latest editions of a Brand X action game. But the searches he’s been doing on Google show a sudden interest in another style of games, strategy games. It so happens that the W Brand also has something new in the same segment.

In this case, the intelligent system can send content specially generated for it, highlighting the long relationship and the competitive advantages of its product about the competition. Fits like a glove.

Finally, it is possible to configure the automation of a sequence of contents such as welcome, reminders, and congratulations. Even with previously defined intervals to avoid overload and rejection. In addition to the benefits of geolocation, with tips that make life easier.

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