How To Build Customer Loyalty Using An Email Marketing Tool

Not all companies know how to build loyalty with an email marketing tool, and yet it is one of the essential tasks to advance and grow the business. In order to continue being successful, it is essential to never forget existing clients. Creating a community that trusts the brand is essential, which is why it is necessary to invest time in creating loyalty campaigns that help strengthen the bond of trust between company and user.

The Best Way To Carry Out Loyalty Campaigns Is Through Email Marketing Tools

Organizations that are clear on how to build loyalty using an email marketing tool know that these types of campaigns do not achieve immediate sales, but, in the long term, they have the ability to boost results and consolidate the relationship with users. All these advantages in exchange for a minimum investment of time.

Email Marketing Tools: How To Build Loyalty With Customers?

Getting the sale with a new customer than with an old one is 5 to 7 times more difficult according to statistics. For this reason alone, loyalty campaigns should not be neglected. Rather than focusing all attention and resources on attracting new customers who come from different segments, it is more profitable to distribute the efforts to create authentic brand lovers from the current customer database.

Before starting to talk about how to build loyalty or how to design a campaign that achieves this goal, it is necessary to focus on the tools that will make it effective.

Success in a strategic loyalty initiative has a lot to do with having a professional email marketing tool with which to create campaigns. It is important that the application has at least the following two characteristics:

  • A wide variety of customizable templates, to adapt the format of your message to its content.
  • A good intuitive and simple graphic editor, so that any business user can create their campaigns without having to know HTML code. This frees IT, professionals, from an added workload and gains inefficiency.

An email marketing tool will guarantee high deliverability of the campaigns. In this way, it is avoided that the emails sent end up being classified as spam. Thus, it is possible to ensure that all emails arrive in the inbox and not in the spam box.

When the sending of emails is not automated, it can happen that all the effort that has been put into the loyalty campaign ends up being nothing, because it does not reach the inbox of the recipients.

In addition, these applications manage to attract the attention of the target audience. Your customization possibilities start by directing the greeting that heads the body of the email to the person receiving it by their pro name, but there are hundreds of possibilities. In this way, it is easy and fast to create campaigns as close as possible to the interests of the contact base, since:

  • Emails are personalized
  • The effective segmentation of the database is carried out

The user values the personalized campaigns very positively, a success that begins with a simple gesture such as creating a small form for users to fill in when they subscribe, filling in their basic data, such as:

  • Name and surname
  • Residence locality
  • Age
  • Occupation
  • The sector of the company in which you work

Content Of Loyalty Campaigns

As we have said before, companies that know how to build loyalty understand that they are not campaigns to generate immediate sales, but rather to reinforce the company-user relationship.

This does not mean that they do not contain commercial information, because they can contain it; But the exchange of this type of data is not the objective of loyalty campaigns since that is what commercial campaigns are for.

What Do We Find In Customer Loyalty Email Marketing Campaigns?

1. Company Information

Company Information in these newsletters, you can communicate if the company has received any recognition or award, a fact that will facilitate consolidation as a brand while giving the company a quality image.

They can also be used to invite subscribers to an event or activity that is organized. Disclosing internal company information and showing the human face of it is very important since the subscriber realizes that there are people behind the screen, a fact that will strengthen the relationship between the two.

2. News From The Sector

Knowing what is happening in the sector and communicating it to subscribers is relevant. In the case of, for example, a bookstore; If a great author has started writing a new book, it can be commented as an outstanding novelty in the newsletter.

The objective is to show an interest in the environment that surrounds the sector and a genuine interest in keeping contacts updated, something that is achieved by sharing with them any news, event or note that is considered to be to their liking. In addition, the exchange of sector news shows that the organization is motivated by what it does.

3. Own & Unique Content

Showing the products themselves and giving visibility to the offers is necessary, but not enough. Let’s go one step further. Sharing your own content with users is very convenient through the company blog, announcing each time a new publication comes out or informing about upcoming webinars or tutorials. It is a fast and direct way of sharing information that can be useful for many users.

4. Interactiveness

Involving subscribers is important as it increases the impact of each action, an essential aspect for those who understand how to successfully build loyalty. Creating surveys, polls, inviting them to face-to-face or web events and involving them in social networks are actions associated with very positive effects for sales in the medium and long term.

Carrying out a loyalty campaign is simple, fast and effective. Considering the great competition that the internet offers, having an email marketing tool to carry out this type of action is essential for any company. They should not be forgotten to create authentic brand ambassadors.

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