E-commerce SEO 2021: 5 Steps To Success

Have you ever wondered or compared the power of online shopping industry with retail stores? Well, a few of you might know the fact that somehow indirectly retail operations and e-commerce is connected. Everyone is using e-commerce and other shopping platforms and this clearly means that the sales on web have increased.

To be successful, e-commerce companies are competing and using smart strategies to attract audiences. SEO is one of the most important strategies to create the best possible result. With consistent and better optimization, you maintain a strong impression among your audience and all online viewers.

Why should you care about the E-commerce SEO?

The primary goal of performing E-commerce SEO is to show up in the top 10 search lists. The higher your site ranks, there are more chances of it getting noticed by people. This enhances your business and the potential customers. See how spotting on the first page makes a huge difference. Moreover, finding a spot in the online market is not an easy nut to crack. Application of an effective E-commerce SEO strategy will bring your site on the top in the search results. With consistent traffic on your E-commerce website, you don’t have to invest your bucks in paid advertisement. This may sound rude but without SEO, it is hard to find a place in the online market because will be less likely visible. Planning out the marketing and optimizing strategies will more likely push your business.

5 Successful E-Commerce SEO tips for 2021

Ranking your E-commerce business among the top 10 involves planned SEO campaign. This planned campaign includes a few steps so let’s review them.

Keyword research

Do the research patiently and see the results. It’s all about how well you are at researching the keywords for E-commerce. It is a bit more critical than normal keyword research. You can check on and analyse your competitors and their keywords too. Choosing the right keywords and their appropriate stuffing is an essential part of any E-commerce SEO strategy.

Choose the keywords that potential customers use to do a transactional search. This will satisfy their need of getting the desired product and they eventually end up buying the product. The chosen keywords will be used in the product category, product description, and blogs to ensure the right amount of traffic.

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Clear and On-point Product Description

Useless product descriptions will not attract online viewers. So, first of all, what you need to do is write a clear and on-point description for your product. Search engine algorithms compare the description content and the stuffed keyword. That is why it is always advised to write minimal descriptions.

E-commerce stores need descriptions to keep the users and customers hooked. Having an eye-soothing design, high HD product images, and minimal description may tempt users to buy the product. In short, the quality of your content is what matters.

Fixing Technical SEO issues

Guys, you know well that E-commerce websites have many pages. All these pages may contain some technical issues related to SEO. Handling technical SEO is necessary to avoid losing your customers.

Technical SEO issues may be related to site audits, the responsiveness of the site, internal linking, some products that are non-indexed, checking website loading speed for different browsers, broken links, 404 errors, checking valid robots.txt files and sitemaps. Uncovering these on time makes your site perfect in every aspect.

Increase Site Speed and reduce loading time

Increased Loading time and slow websites can turn off your customers. This is a big flaw that keeps you away from ranking higher. If your website is taking enough loading time, fix it or shut it. This may sound unfair but people won’t be interested in such sites which take longer loading time.

A website having poor performance means nearly 75% of people refraining from using it. Websites should load within 3 seconds otherwise you won’t get better conversion rates. People love online shopping and hence sharing their experiences but slow speed blows away the conversion rates.

Better Site Navigation

Flawless user experience is a foremost part to rank your website on the search engine. The websites that give the best navigation experience to their users gain more plus points. Moreover, better navigation shows how correctly you have done the internal linking of your pages. Search Engines like Google figures out the content and context of the web pages via site navigation.

So, the main factor to keep in your mind is users because they are your top priority. Smooth navigation gives them comfort when they visit your web pages. Once you gain the confidence and make the E-commerce site super smooth, you can think about its optimization.


Competition in the online market has increased in the past few years. Applying the above-mentioned strategies and opting the help of SEO experts will make your E-commerce store appealing. You can stay ahead in this race by following a simple marketing plan and the above steps.

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