Enhancing Collaboration Between Software Testing Teams

Teamwork makes dream work. To get the quality work done, you need to have a deep understanding of the work requirements and timely discussions with the entire team. In such cases, individual hard work goes to the backseat and collaboration among testers and developers drives the whole project.

Companies are adopting an agile framework so that the entire team stays on the same page, they are also incorporating test case management tools to make things workable. Such approaches being introduced into the environment are helping to break departmental barriers and all teams can communicate as per their need.

Usually a mobile app testing company look for the tool which aligns well with their needs, so they can come up with an error-free product. In mobile applications, testing is detailed and users lose their interest in a matter of seconds due to which companies need to up their game in terms of tools they use and the way their team works on the project.

Keeps Up To Date

There is no substitute of face to face conversations, where teams can sit and discuss the progress and limitations of the projects but such meetings or discussions are impossible daily. To fill up this space and minimize the communication barrier, test case management tools play a vital role. Two teams can collaborate 24/7 irrespective of their physical locations and time zone being followed. There are scenarios when development and testing teams are scattered over different places, for such cases, these tools work as a blessing.

These applications allow the team leads to manage the workflow and stay updated with the tasks being performed. An easy and transparent route of communication where the entire team stays on the same page and efficiency is multiplied.

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Ensures Transparency

There are numerous testing-related activities that need to be carried out to ensure the premium quality of the product being developed. While in some cases testers avoid performing few tasks with no way of it being monitored in any manner. With the help of management tools, all the tasks are recorded and a person is assigned the duties, so that there is no blame game in case of any discrepancy.

While working on a project, there is no ‘I’ and ‘you’, it is all about ‘we’ and team efforts are needed to get the right product of the right quality. Management tools use allows companies to bring the best out of them. Developers and testers also generate tickets through such applications which results in healthy and detailed discussions and lead to knowledge sharing. It is also a key element for the department to collaborate, and in this way testers can help developers to perform unit testing and developers can create a better understanding of the code.

Bridges The Gap Between Developers and Testers

In a mobile app testing company, a quality assurance engineer needs to go through various testing phases to ensure that the product being developed is error-free. For this purpose, they start performing testing from the initial phase and have to constantly communicate with the developers through a dedicated channel and nothing is better than a management tool. Still, services of higher-management are required to build a team collaboration tool.

To bridge the gap between both teams few practices are carried out by the project managers.

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Pair Test-Programming

In pair test-programming, both developers and testers work closely on project requirements and project code. They run tests and fix the glitches while sharing feedback on all important aspects.

Attending Hacker’s Conventions

Attending conventions and sessions together helps to build a better understanding among the teams. They become equally aware of the latest happenings and work around the updated strategies. Having sound knowledge of the present-day viruses and threats, both teams can put in equal efforts to make the project successful and secure.

Treat Both Teams Equally Important

Equal importance should be given to both programming and testing teams as they both play a key role to deliver a quality product. Casual meetups and communications should be encouraged between the teams as it helps to break the ice and one gets to understand the work ethics of other people.

Final Thoughts

There were times when tasks were limited to certain teams and it took days to conduct meetings where critical issues can be discussed but with the incorporation of modern tools and technologies things are becoming way more manageable and testers and developers work as a joint team.

Teamwork in a software testing environment is a necessity and can only be done with the right tools and techniques.

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