Facebook Marketing: 10 Hacks For More Performance

Facebook has long established itself in the world of online marketing as a useful tool for customer acquisition. The platform offers smaller companies and start-ups, in particular, the opportunity to compete with larger providers and to reach a large number of potential customers with a comparatively small budget. In this article, we’ll tell you 11 performance hacks for your Facebook marketing that will help growing companies increase reach and generate more leads.

1. Export Leads Automatically

If you want to generate new customers for your company with the help of Facebook, you can place so-called lead ads. Here users can enter their contact data directly and without annoying forwarding in a Facebook form. The fact that the exported lead lists are only made available as Excel files and quickly collect dust on the computer’s hard drive is somewhat impractical.

Tip: With the online service Zapier.com, won Facebook leads can be automatically processed. With Zapier, for example, it is possible to automatically write emails after generating a new Facebook lead, to make appointments and to enter certain data in a Google spreadsheet. Leads can not only be exported and used efficiently, but also in real-time.

2. Invite Fans To Like The Page

Inviting people to “Like” a page when they’ve already heard it could be so efficient – if only you didn’t have to do everything by hand. Fortunately, we know a tool that does this job for you. With invitelikecomment.com you can automatically invite the people who have already shared, liked or commented on your content. The fan base on Facebook grows automatically – and completely organically.

3. Harness The Power Of Social Proof

Man is a herd animal. When we see something that many others like, it piques our interest. Companies can also take advantage of this effect by promoting Facebook posts that already have a high number of interactions. Instead of creating a new ad, simply select the option “Use existing post” and insert the corresponding ID of the post to be advertised.

The advantage: In this way, the same article ID can be used in all ad groups without having to create a separate ad with identical content for each target group. The numbers speak for themselves: in previous campaigns, we were able to increase the return on ad spend (ROAS) by up to 136 percent and the click-through rate (CTR) by up to 133 percent.

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4. Learn From Each Other’s Strategies

How much advertising budget does Donald Trump actually spend per week? How many active campaigns are your competitors currently running? Where and to which target group were your competitors’ ads displayed? “Nobody can know that”? You bet.

In the Facebook Ad Library, you will find a lot of insightful information about the ads of other advertisers, including of course those of your own competitors. Of course, nobody wants to end up as a copycat, but a little inspiration has never hurt – not even from the competition.

5. Create Campaign Rules

Especially if you as an entrepreneur manage your advertisements yourself, previously defined campaign rules can be extremely useful and complement the Facebook algorithm as an automatic control mechanism. For example, you can use the “Adjust budget” option to set how much the specified budget should be increased for a well-performing ad, or by how much it should be reduced for a poorly performing ad. Under certain circumstances, this can save you a daily, manual budget adjustment.

Recommendation: If an ad is performing well and its ROAS is above a previously defined threshold, it makes sense to increase the budget of the ad group by 5 per cent daily. In addition, a rule can be defined at the ad level that automatically pauses poorly performing ads with low ROAS. In order to have a sufficient basis for decision-making, it is advisable to first let ads exceed a threshold of around 8,000 impressions.

6. Skilfully Showcase Products

The web is full of good pictures. Since clean product photos with a white background hardly get the necessary attention these days, it is important to focus on the subject of lifestyle and to incorporate a corresponding style into your own visual language. Here it makes sense to invest in a good product catalogue that only receives mood images and thus makes retargeting much more appealing.

7. Remain Flexible With Facebook Requirements

In order for the algorithm to work on a solid basis and to be able to adapt ads dynamically, Facebook recommends reaching at least 50 events within a week. Events can be, for example, purchases or lead generation. The problem with this is that many advertisers simply cannot reach 50 events within a week.

However, experience shows that very often fewer than the specified 50 events are sufficient for a campaign to perform well. In consequence, this means: Even if the Facebook requirements cannot be adhered to, optimization for the event “purchase” can be more worthwhile than starting with a higher funnel level, which for example only focuses on optimizing the number of products in the shopping cart aims.

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8. Optimize Ads For Mobile Services

Most ads are displayed on mobile devices. Accordingly, advertisements should be optimized so that they take up as much screen space as possible and thus attract more attention. The 4: 5 format is recommended for ads on Instagram, the maximum size ratio for Facebook is 1: 1. The general rule is: Larger images achieve a higher click-through rate (CTR).

Optimizing for mobile devices should also be considered when considering the number of characters in the description text. Since Facebook shortens the text after a certain number of characters and instead displays “Show more”, it is extremely important to arouse curiosity about the product right at the beginning of the text or to communicate a clear offer.

9. Find More Customers With Facebook Audience Insights

With the free tool “Facebook Audience Insights” it is possible to analyze either your own Facebook fans or a target group based on demographic data. When analyzing your own fans, for example, you can quickly see how old they are, what school leaving certificate they have or which gender is represented more often.

What is particularly interesting, however, is which Facebook pages your own fan base has marked with “Like”. In order to reach more people who are similar to their own fan base, site operators can target these sites and thus reach potential buyers with far less wastage.

The same applies to the analysis of a specific target group based on demographic data. Anyone who already has data from such a group – also outside of Facebook – can use this to find Facebook pages that the target group has marked “Like” most often – and use this information for targeting.

10. Use Facebook’s Cross-selling Function

Everyone knows it: You stand at the supermarket checkout and at the last moment you reach for a chocolate bar that you actually wanted to do without. This process, in which the customer is sold a product or service that complements the previous purchase or adds a completely different product, is called cross-selling. But what if the customer stood firm at the supermarket checkout?

As soon as the customer leaves the supermarket, the branch management no longer has a chance to sell the bar to the customer afterwards. In the world of online marketing things look different: Anyone who runs an online shop with a sufficiently diversified product range can use Facebook retargeting for cross-selling and reach customers again who have already had a similar or complementary product online in the past Shop.


Anyone who has already dealt intensively with the advertising possibilities of Facebook will be aware of the reach potential the largest social network in the world offers, especially for startups and the marketing of innovative products.

Admittedly: The competition in the competition for attention is great. However, if you turn the screws mentioned above, you suddenly increase the probability of being one step ahead of your rivals with fans and followers in the long term.

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