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Facebook: Some Essential Functions That Not Everyone Knows About

Some Beneficial Facebook Features

Facebook is now an integral part of our lives. Its use is becoming so evident and automatic that users often scroll quickly through the news or publish the photo of the day, unaware of the different features. Instead, they could facilitate or enrich the use of the App. Most populated in the world. Let’s see some applicable settings that not all Facebook users know about.

This Link Is Interesting, But We Don’t Have Time To Read It

During the day, when you scroll through your newsfeed, you do not always have the peace of mind, the time, or the correct privacy to read and deepen the content of a link that has caught your attention because maybe in that moment of pause you are still surrounded by colleagues, companions or family members.

However, when you return to Facebook to go fishing out that exciting link in the evening, you can no longer find it. A handy function that Facebook makes available but few people know is the “Save.” A list of functions will open by clicking on the three dots at the top right of the content you are interested in. Click on “Save Link” to save it, and quickly go and fish out as many times as you want. By clicking on the menu bar, you will find it among the saved elements.

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We Would Like To Download My Data From Facebook

Tragically, somebody could take your profile or square it, or just that one day, burnt out on Facebook, you choose to close it. Suppose you have any desire to keep a duplicate of the relative multitude of information you have transferred to Facebook over the long run. In that case, you should utilize the “Download a duplicate” work. This capacity gives you the likelihood to download every one of the information concerning your profile that the Facebook stage has put away over the long haul.

By getting to the settings, a screen will open with the general settings of your record, and at the base, the connection “download a duplicate of your Facebook information.” By downloading the duplicate, the readiness of your file will start. When prepared, you can download it to your PC by tapping on the connection shipped off your letter drop. Get ready for a shock because how much information you have imparted to Facebook is noteworthy!

What Happens To The Facebook Profiles Of Those Who No Longer Exist?

We wish you to live 100 years of lions, yet at some point, really far away, you may not be there any longer. Do you believe that your profile should be deserted? Nobody mulls over everything, except did you know that Facebook has made a capacity accessible to its supporters to name the main successor? Tapping on settings will open the screen with the general settings of your record. To pick your main successor, you should tap on “Oversee account” and browse your Facebook companions who, when you are no longer there, will want to deal with your profile, change the photograph, answer companion demands or spot a post.

How Can We Make My Profile More Secure?

Simple! With two-factor authentication! This Facebook function will guarantee greater security to your profile because access from a mobile device will occur in two stages, i.e., by entering your login credentials and then by entering the numeric code that the system will send to your smartphone. to complete the login. The function is found in the “Configuring Additional Security” -> Use two-factor authentication.

Another helpful feature is to ask Facebook to notify you of accesses not recognized as usual.

Sometimes, it will happen to you to access Facebook from a device that is not yours, for example, the computer of the library or a friend. In this case, by activating the function, you can ask Facebook to close all open sessions.

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