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Five Ways To Earn With ChatGPT

Once you start thinking in a new way, a world of opportunities will open up. In this article, I will present some possibilities and various applications. Still, once you have read them, you will have many more ideas referring to your skills in particular.

Daily Services

Thanks to the simplicity with which ChatGPT creates content, we will no longer have to worry about writing and publishing a piece a day. We can tell the platform to develop 100 “Baci Perugina” style sentences with an elementary request. Even if half is unusable, there are still 50 unpublished phrases we can use for over a month and a half, with a few moments of creation. The advantage of this activity is that by interacting daily (or periodically), people will become attached to us and our service. In this way, we can introduce additional services or products that we will offer to an already warm range of users who know us. This, of course, increases your chances of selling and making money.

Write Or Fix Code

This activity refers to building programs that perform particular tasks or fixing code that doesn’t work, and the programmer can’t figure out why. Need to feel up to this activity when your relationship with the computer is turbulent? You don’t have to worry; a ChatGPT has been trained particularly well in this area.

Write Code

I’m quicker to show you what I mean than to keep describing it. I request to write a program in c# (a programming language) that calculates compound interest. As you can see from the image above, the code is complete, and even explanatory comments have been added to each line. It should be tested before being sent to the customer, but since the request is so simple and programming is an objective science, the answer will most likely be correct.

Correct Code

In addition to writing, which is a much more complex activity than we have seen before, we can also use ChatGPT to fix pieces of code by debugging. Below is my request to restore some PHP code that should print the date but doesn’t work. The answer is exceptional, as in addition to giving us the correct solution, it also provides a detailed explanation of the error. And I think programmers still need to learn about this and are already using it.

In fact, as a former programmer, I guarantee you that we hardly accept help from others, especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. We prefer to do everything ourselves even if our writing could be more efficient and more prone to errors. I’ve also asked around, and none of my old colleagues know this technology, so starting now is a great choice.

Manage SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a fundamental activity for those who want to increase visits to their site and the positioning of their pages. Precisely for this reason, its management is crucial for any project. This blog is also based on it, and if you are reading this article, you have likely come from Google. But what are the various activities to be carried out? It begins with the search for a keyword or the theme of an article up to the writing of the same. Again, ChatGPT comes to our aid.

In this case, I asked, “please find me five long-tail keywords for an article about cooking.” The results are ideas and should not be taken at face value, but already having a direction can help us greatly. Going further, we can tell him to write a 2000-word article for one of the options he has proposed to us, and he will do it. You can ask him to rewrite it with your preferred features or explore some concepts. The power of this solution is undeniable. We can also ask for suggestions on how to handle certain things, such as posting times.


Copywriting is the art of knowing how to write content with a marketing perspective or convince a person to buy the product or service in question. Broadening this vision, this activity consists of creating quality content that can be used for infinite purposes. We can request a lineup of ideas to be explored in a podcast or YouTube video, the writing of some chapters of an ebook, or a text that convinces users of the goodness of a particular product. Or we can have a story’s subject in mind but be stuck in the creative phase. Then we could ask: “Give me an idea to develop this story [copy part of the text].” And he will create different ramifications that you can use to get out of your impasse.

Manage Socials

Social media management is all the activity needed to maintain a constant presence on various social networks (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, etc.) by continuously posting content. In this business, ChatGPT could blow many heads. An entrepreneur who delegates this activity to an employee because he doesn’t have time could start writing everything himself, leaving that person at home or moving him to other activities. Then it is evident that the experience is not created from scratch, but it is a risk many can run since the savings can be high.

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