Go Paperless With PDFs: How To Utilize PDFs For Online Classes

It’s kind of weird to look back and remember the times when we had everything printed for our schoolwork or assignments. With the ongoing pandemic, classes are now done online for the safety of students. Nowadays, everything has become digital. But even though there are still some paper files or documents sent for some school requirements, everyone is quickly riding the digital wave. And the most common paperless format is PDF. But why PDF, exactly? Well, PDFs don’t need any special app or software to access. You can directly access them on any electronic device with ease. Other than that, PDFs don’t change their formatting, regardless of where you access them. So with that, you need to know how to make the most out of PDFs, too. In this article, we’ll be sharing a great PDF converter tool and some of its features that can help with online school requirements. Interested? Well, keep on reading!

Let’s Begin With GogoPDF

Before we dive into how you can maximize PDF files, let’s first introduce you to GogoPDF. This handy website is an online software as a service (or Saas) tool that allows you to convert Word to PDF, repair PDF, merge PDF, and so much more. The great thing about GogoPDF is that it’s easily accessible on any web browser, may it be on your computer, tablet, or smartphone. No registration, login, or payments are needed to access GogoPDF. Just upload and go! Easy, right? The website is also laid out neatly, so you can expect easy navigation as you look for the tools you need.

Alright, now that we’ve introduced you to GogoPDF, let’s get into some of its super-nifty features!

Word To PDF

It’s no question that Word files are the usual files you use for written documents. The problem with Word files is that they change their formatting depending on the operating system you open them with. The version of the Word software can also affect the format of the file. You’ll also notice that printing is a bit of a hassle, too. So you should really convert your Word file to PDF before sending or sharing. You’ll be saving yourself and your recipient from a lot of hassle and wasted time.

Repair PDF

For whatever reason, some PDFs just turn out broken or corrupt. This is annoying and can really be such a hassle. Good thing GogoPDF has a repair PDF feature that allows you to mend broken or corrupted PDFs in a jiffy! So don’t you anymore worry about any broken or corrupted PDF files, just use this feature and you’re good to go!

Merge PDF

Working on a big project, you’ll be working with a group or team. With this, many PDF files will be at hand. But sending different PDF files will just hassle the recipient and seem unprofessional. Why not merge all those PDFs into one big file, instead? That’s easy to do with GogoPDF’s merge PDF feature!


In making reports or presentations for online classes, having to copy and paste everything is time-consuming and just inefficient. So, why not just convert your PDF file to a PPT? It’s easy to do with this feature of GogoPDF. You won’t waste any precious time and you don’t have to worry about a messy PowerPoint, because this feature won’t change the formatting.

Add Watermark

Confidential files for your personal information related to school requirements, or thesis and other original projects should also be protected. Adding a watermark to your PDF file will surely help you track any unauthorized distributor. You’ll also make any potential unauthorized sharer have a hard time to reproduce or share your file, thanks to the watermark. You’ll never know when someone could copy your thesis or project without your permission. So, this is truly a useful feature!

Go Ahead With GogoPDF!

And there you have it, the awesome GogoPDF, and some of its awesome features for your online class needs. What we’ve listed here are just five features, but you’ll find more features you can definitely use when you use GogoPDF for yourself. So, save yourself the time and hassle of being dumbfounded with PDF files, try out GogoPDF for all your PDF needs! We hope this article gave you a gist of GogoPDF and the many things you can do with it.

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