How Mobile Lottery Is Becoming More Popular and Environmentally Friendly Than Buying Paper Tickets

The lure of money has been irresistible since its introduction as the medium of trade ages ago. Most are attracted to quick rich schemes in which they have inevitably lost a lot of money. Even so, they shun lotteries as a way of making a quick buck. They think lottery companies are the only winners and would thus rather invest in what they assume is a sure investment.

With the right odds, however, you are sure of high returns in the lottery sector just like the millions who have struck it rich here. In the past, you had to go to a store and buy paper lotteries for you to place your bet. Nowadays, a large portion of the industry has moved to the mobile lottery with the technologies that have been put in place.

In a mobile lottery, you choose the numbers you want to place your bet on then wait for them to be picked so you can win. This option means that the lottery industry will use no paper since the bets are placed on online platforms. With the shift towards eco-sustainability, this is your chance to play a part in eco-conservation.

The following are the other reasons for the immense popularity of mobile lottery in the gambling sector.

A Broad Selection Of Games

Spreading your risk across different games is essential when you want to maximize your odds of winning in lotteries. This is almost impossible when you buy paper lottery tickets. In most cases, one store will only stock lottery tickets for one game or a specific niche.

In a mobile lottery, on the other hand, there are several games available for you. You thus can place your bets on multiple games to boost your chances of winning. Mobile lotteries also have the option of an online scratch card for those looking for instant wins. You scratch your lottery card to reveal an instant prize much like when scratching a paper lottery.


Playing the lottery from an online platform on an internet-enabled device is easier and more convenient compared to walking from one store to the next looking for paper tickets. When you, for instance, choose to buy lottery tickets online at LottoLand, this will take only a few minutes. You can also do it from anywhere you please without wasting your time and effort to go to a store.

When you opt for offline lotteries, you have to keep your ticket as the proof of your purchase and to refer to the numbers checking if you have won. With the mobile lottery, however, your transaction is automatically saved to a database. This proves convenient for you since you need not store and go through hundreds of paper tickets waiting for your chance to win.

Open Throughout

Stores that sell lottery tickets have different opening hours. As such, you have a limited time to buy your tickets or place your bets. Mobile lottery sites, on the other hand, are open throughout. As such, you can place your bet or buy a ticket anytime you feel lucky, come across a game you want to place a bet on or have the money to play.

Several Payment Options

Nowadays, most people are leaning towards the use of paperless payment options more so bank transfers and credit cards. This is primarily because they are safer compared to walking around with cash, and it is more convenient than the latter. Moreover, there are several rewards when using credit or debit cards for online purchases as opposed to cash.

Modern mobile lottery sites now have different options for paying for your tickets. Most accept all major credit cards for the addition of funds into their lottery accounts. The players only need to access the ‘’add funds’’ link on these websites to pay for their lottery cards or bets automatically.

Prompt Payouts

After beating the odds to win in offline lottery games, you have to endure lengthy verification processes before getting your payout. Mobile lotteries nonetheless have prompt payouts. The prize will reflect in your account almost instantly after your win. You only need to click on the withdraw option on the site then wait for your bank to clear the funds to access your winnings.

With all the above benefits, you now understand why the mobile lottery industry is edging out the offline lottery. While there are several sites for the same, be careful when choosing one. There are several fraudulent activities nowadays linked to mobile lotteries.

Some sites will collect your private information and use it to fleece you. Others sell the information to fraudsters who contact you informing of a prize that you have to pay to receive. With an authentic site, however, you can become the next lottery millionaire.

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