How Should I Prepare For A Microsoft Interview?

Are you curious about how to prepare for a solid technical interview for Microsoft? If your answer is a big yes, this is just the right place for you!

Microsoft is a prodigious tech giant that needs no introduction. It has brought on revolutionary changes in the world since its existence. It has always been an asset to the world and offered functional tools to the general population.

As per the data, Microsoft has grown manifolds since its existence. Did you know it hires almost 200,000 aspiring candidates every year? Pretty impressive, right? If you want to ace the Microsoft interview preparation, you should be all eyes for this write-up.

How is a Microsoft interview unique?

Microsoft offers several advantages, and the prime one is working in a brilliant environment. A flexible working schedule is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the perks of being at Microsoft. And a fantastic salary is like the cherry on top of the cake. Who wouldn’t want to work there? The interview at Microsoft is no less than a lead.

A few elements are there which make the interview process a unique experience. They have built their hiring process firmly, which inspires the candidates to pull up their socks and work in the direction to crack the famous interview. Make My Trip interview questions also follow a similar pattern when compared to Microsoft. However, the technical round in Microsoft is considered to be significantly more challenging and requires effective preparation to crack.

They pay all the associate expenses if you get selected for their on-site interview. Well, doesn’t that sound great? You need not worry about the money and can concentrate on your interview solely. This is a prime stand-out feature.

You would meet the professional in their office, and it would give your interview a personalized approach. This would let you examine the life of a Microsoft employee since you might join them soon after the interview rounds.

This allows for an incredible opportunity to closely observe the subtle work ethics that follows inside such a renowned company. Where else would you find such perks in an interview? Microsoft is a notable company that provides its employees with a healthy environment to work in. Want to experience the same in the coming future? Then let’s dive into the process of Microsoft interview preparation segment by segment.

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What does the interview process comprise?

What is a Microsoft interview all about? What steps does it comprise? These are some questions that you might ponder from time to time. Microsoft is a long-standing technology company recognized for its distinct and extensive process for analyzing candidates and their skills. This ensures that those skills get efficiently utilized by the company. Now, without further ado, let’s quickly learn more about the hiring process at Microsoft.

1. Screening Call:

After the recruiter gets a good first impression from your resume, they’ll reach out to you. This call is called a screening call. There is no need to be anxious about the call, as they want a general overview of you and your experience. They typically assess your keenness to work with them and your communication skills. The call usually lasts a maximum of 10 minutes.

They might ask you some technical questions if you wish to join them as an engineer. That will allow them to assess your instant take on their areas of inquiry. They will also evaluate your personality with problem-based questions. Make sure you maintain that threshold of confidence throughout that call because that will take you forward toward the final interview.

2. Online Coding Evaluation:

If you want to work as a developer at Microsoft, be sure to ace this online coding test they assign you. This online test must be taken within the stipulated time limit. You must know that these coding questions are related to arrays, linked lists, trees, strings, statistics, dynamic programming, etc.

Given the company’s excellent track record, you ought to expect some quality coding-related questions. Practice them beforehand because, as they say, practice makes the man perfect!

3. On-Site Interview:

Gear up! As this is going to be the actual test of your skills. You’ll meet the interviewer face-to-face and have a personalized conversation in their office. They may ask questions related to coding or your viewpoint on some topics. This process lets them gauge your intent to join the organization and your expertise. This may take your entire day, but it is worth every single minute.

4. HR Interview:

Don’t get stressed out as to why there is another interview after the previous one. It is a good sign that maybe Microsoft wants to hire you, finally! The HR round usually has a few personality-based questions that would let the HR team know you better before hiring you. And voila! You’re finally at Microsoft if you clear this ultimate hurdle.

Technical Questions for Microsoft Interview

Recruiters generally ask questions through which they can evaluate both the mind and the personality of the candidate. Are you ready for your trip to Microsoft techland? Then, it’s time to dive into the make my trip interview questions to build a solid foundation for your on-site interview.

Q1. Which programming language do you have the best command in?

Q2. Explain the Q-learning algorithm.

Q3. Do you know about different types of machine learning?

Q4. How well do you perceive the Python language? Do you prefer it for analytics? If yes, why?

Q5. How would you describe a tree in data science and algorithms?

Q6. Solve a problem related to C language.

Q7. What is a binary tree?

Q8. Tell us about your ability to renovate something favorable.

Q9. On a scale of 1 to 10, how well can you handle pressure while performing tasks like programming, designing, etc.?

Q10. How did you build a passion for technology?

Winding Up

Microsoft is a dream workplace for budding aspirants in India and worldwide. This blog offers a peek into the Microsoft interview preparation guide while explaining the steps of an actual interview. Hopefully, this write-up solves all your queries about acing the Microsoft interview, and you can enhance your current skills. Here’s wishing you all the best. Miles to go!

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