How To Boost Business Sales With An Effective Toll-Free Number

The next aim of business after a successful set-up is to enjoy boosted sales figures and improve online presence. However, getting hold over this is not as easy as it seems. It takes a lot of effort and strategies to make it happen.

One such cost-effective and reliable strategy is using a toll-free phone number. With unique digit codes and multiple features, this is a proven tool for every business to enjoy success at every level. Unlike any other phone number types, it does not charge the caller for the calls made. Instead, business owning the toll-free number has to pay for it.

Though it seems like a mere change in how things work, it plays an important role in your business success and helps you enjoy great market presence, increased sales, and impeccable customer satisfaction without making much effort. Wondering how it happens? Here is the detailed explainer.

A Memorable Phone Number

Do you know about vanity numbers?

Vanity number, a type of toll-free phone number, where you can add the name of your business or any jingle instead of the digit is easier to remember. Many businesses have witnessed high calls when they use vanity numbers in their commercials.

Now, let’s analyze why it attains such success.

You just saw a lucrative deal running in a TV commercial. To contact the business, the commercial displayed the 1-800-XXX-XXX business phone number just for a second. But, you still remembered it and dialed it a minute later and got the deal.

Guess what? You can achieve similar success, just by picking an easy-to-remember virtual number too. It’ll enable the power of a toll-free business phone system for you. Your customers will remember it and can contact you easily. This further increases your conversation ratio and helps you get more sales.

Getting Connected is Easy Than Ever

Millennial generation customers are very demanding and do not want to make much effort to get things done. And why should they do that? As they say, the customer is the King; it is the responsibility of every business to make things easier and better for their customers.

As we have already mentioned that calling a business using the toll-free business phone number is free of cost for the customers, they do not mind dialing a number and contacting you.

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They Look Attractive

Toll-free numbers are different from the usual phone number. They usually come with distinct 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, 844, or 833 prefixes. These prefixes look attractive and customers become curious to know about them. Recent research reveals that chances for a customer dialing your number are higher with the toll-free number when compared with the usual number.

So, won’t you like to enjoy high call traffic?

We think every business will like to have it and only toll-free numbers can make it happen. It can help you increase your call numbers, generate more leads, and reach out to more customer databases. That means, in another way, you are improving your business’s market presence and have cemented your feet firmly.

Target More Markets

The virtual toll-free number is not associated with any geographical location. You can target your local and global customers using one number only which further strengthens your market presence.

Tracked Marketing Campaign

The toll-free number comes with power-packed features that can track every call-related activity like which customer called for which service and so on. When linked with a marketing campaign, it helps you track the success of it in a real-time world and enables you to keep an eye on the ROI. This sort of tracked marketing ensures that you are making most of your investments made.

Before We Sum It Up

As by now, you must have realized that using a virtual toll-free number is an ideal way to pump up your sales and market presence, the first thing that you should do is to get it for yourself. But before you proceed to do that, here are the things that you should keep in mind.

  • Always buy from a trusted VoIP service provider. Toll-free numbers are not available as any other business phone number. There are special RespOrgs that are allowed to sell them. So, make sure you are purchasing from a trusted service provider only.
  • Purchase way ahead. Every RespOrgs has a limited number of toll-free numbers and sells as a ‘first comes, first serve’ basis. So, we suggest you buy it as early as possible.
  • Choose the latest toll-free code. 800 toll-free is the oldest toll-free code and almost every combination has been sold out. The recently launched combination is 833. So, we suggest that you buy the recent code only.

Gist Of All

The article comes to an end and we hope you must have realized that toll-free number is more than a mere business phone system. It is a way to improve market presence, sales, and customer satisfaction while keeping the operational burden and cost at a minimal level. Above all, this ensures that your business is not falling behind in this cut-throat world. So, do not waste more time and grab one for your business.

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