How To Build A Winning Offshore PHP Development Team: 5 Tried Ways

To start with let’s clarify what PHP is and when it may come in handy for you.

So, PHP or Hypertext Preprocessor is a scripting language that is extra helpful when it comes to making websites and applications.

Hypertext Preprocessor was introduced in late 1994 but still keeping its strength and popularity. Such a fact that 78% of all websites worldwide are made with PHP confirms it.

But what is the reason for such popularity? First of all, you can do almost anything using this language, because it is maintained by the majority of servers.

Secondly, PHP is integrated into HTML web scripting, that is why a common user cannot see the initial code, so it is really secure.

Check more its benefits in the list below:

  • Flexibility
  • Ability of integrating with other web services
  • Regular updates that leads to quick development and extension of website functionalities
  • Cost-effectiveness

Probably now you understand possible effectiveness of PHP for your business and think about hiring such a specialist or even a team. So keep reading to learn more about offshore PHP development.

Offshore PHP Development: Facts and Statistics

According to the statistics, PHP development services cost different from country to country. It depends on wide range of reasons, including level of programmers’ expertise and average salary level in a particular country.

On the diagram below this difference is evident. The salary of such a specialist in Germany is noticeably higher than in Ukraine. Thus, getting work of the same quality you need to pay more several times.


So, for example, IT nearshoring Poland can give a lot of benefits for your business.

Now Poland is expanding its IT services towards new and efficient technologies. It is one of the most rapidly developing spheres. There are a great number of young specialists, as well as there are over 15,000 IT graduates during the last years.

Secondly, such high numbers are pretending to increase more and more because of the average salary of IT experts being above the average salary throughout the country by around 57%.

Exactly the same situation is in the near Ukraine. Now Ukraine is honorably named the largest exporter of IT services throughout the continent. There are over 185,000 IT professionals who work in 4,000 different technology companies. There are 9,014 specialists of PHP development in particular.

Tech and Soft Skills of PHP Developers

Perfect specialist should have a lot of theoretical knowledge and keep indispensable technical skills, that include:

  • Having high education in collaboration with experience in PHP development
  • Being aware of front-end technologies, for example JavaScript, CSS, HTML, JQuery and being able to hand-code it
  • Having deep knowledge of the basic design principles
  • Having an experience of working with open-source frameworks
  • Having knowledge of the databases, related tools, and special web services created for the developers
  • Have an understanding of the peculiarities of the programming language and its limitations

But really good programmers besides their strictly envisaged skills should also dispose of common human skills. Such skills, called soft, include:

  • Skills in time management
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Skills in communication with other people
  • Creativity
  • Patience
  • Ability to solve possible conflicts and problems
  • Open-mindedness

Ways of Building an Offshore PHP Development Team in 2022

Likely you may need to build a PHP development team so there are several ways to do this.

  1. Hire freelancers. There are a lot of platforms that provide many different specialists with different qualifications and costs. But looking for a programmer there will take a lot of time and effort. Moreover, you may have no guarantees that this particular candidate is conscionable and honest.
  2. Address to local development agencies. This variant is good because of the ability to communicate with candidates face to face for better understanding of each other. Mutual culture, language and surrounding will help you too. But as you can see from statistics this may be too expensive.
  3. You also can address a local agency abroad. But here is a situation vice versa: comparatively cheap services, but probably some difficulties with communication.
  4. Collaborate with local recruiters. It means communication with a recruiter that will find the necessary team corresponding to all desirable criteria. It is convenient because you should not do it yourself, but it may take a lot of time.
  5. Besides you can contact an offshoring company that will provide you with a ready to work team, consisting of great professionals. There are a lot of companies that specialize in outsourcing services, outsourcing PHP development in particular.

Benefits of Hiring an Offshore PHP Development Team

If you are still not confident that it is suitable for you, then here are some points that will show you how beneficial it could be:

  • You may save some money
  • You get a team ready to work right now
  • Get possibility to work with several markets
  • Have some guarantees
  • Work with super talented experts

Surely now it is approved that collaboration with offshore teams may be a great decision for you and your business!

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