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How To Buy A Mobile Phone On EMI Without A Credit Card?

When you want to buy a mobile phone on EMI, but you don’t have a credit card, you might think that there’s no possible way you can purchase it.

However, it has become a myth now that if you don’t have a credit card, you cannot opt for EMI options.

With the introduction of various P2P portals and small companies offering instant, short-term loans to the Indian audience, it is now possible for you to buy a phone as per your wish on EMI without having a credit card.

Here are some of the best platforms that offer such loans and EMI options to the audience who can opt for their services and buy mobiles on EMI without credit card:


It is an online platform that offers EMI plans to those individuals who don’t have a credit card.

They can use this option to buy mobiles, laptops, or any other electronic gadgets in the online platform.

The company operates in 5 different states across but has its networks established across the country, offering EMI plans to the public.

They provide financial help to you when you are purchasing mobile and are running short of cash or don’t have a credit.

First of all, you need to apply in their official website by completing all the required details and upload the relevant documents to complete the KYC procedures.

Once completed, you can then check the credit limit offered by the institution that you can use to buy the phone that you are desiring.

You can also convert the same amount into flexible EMIs if you want to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card.


Don’t have enough money to buy a phone? Want to buy mobiles on EMI without a credit card?

All these questions can be answered only when you start using ZestMoney.

ZestMoney is a platform that offers short-term loans to all those people who are looking forward to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card or debit card.

For registration, you can visit their official website and complete all the requested details with appropriate information.

Then, you can upload the required documents as proof to the details that you have completed in the previous step.

Once the company validates the authenticity of the information provided and evaluates your credit score, they offer a specific credit limit that you can use to buy mobiles or any other products as per your choice.

The process to signup is quite simple and effective that is designed keeping your comfort in mind.

You can use the credit limit offered to you by visiting the merchant site that has tied up with ZestMoney and buy mobiles on EMI without credit card immediately.

Then, you can convert the same into flexible EMIs and pay the installment every month.

Home Credit

Haven’t you heard of home credit yet? If you think that home credit only offers a loan that is more than a lac rupee, then you have to improve your knowledge about it.

Home Credit also offers simple solutions to the customers who are looking to buy phones on EMI but don’t have a credit card with them.

It is one of the best platforms for you as they don’t charge any interest rates on the EMIs unless you are missing any payments when paying monthly installments.

They offer you loans on the spot by accessing the authenticity of your profile and credit score.

Just like any other online portal, you will have to fill in your necessary information on their official website and upload the documents required to complete your KYC.

Once your KYC is completed and validated by the company, they offer you a credit limit that you can use to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card.


Similar to that of Home Credit, CreditMantri also offers EMI options to all customers who are looking to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card or debit card.

You can opt for the EMI options to purchase the phone that you want.

An EMI Card is allocated to you with a credit limit that is determined by assessing your credit score and KYC documents.

Using this EMI Card, you can pay for the phone in the merchant site and set up an automatic payment system in CreditMantri that will deduct the monthly installments from your checking account directly.


You can now buy any smartphone that you like by applying a Stanshfin loan for that particular amount.

Although Stashfin offers you a card that you can use it in the merchant websites while ordering your phone, it doesn’t charge any interest on it.

This means that you can easily opt for these cards and pay a monthly EMI of a certain amount for the phone that you are buying.

You will have to visit the official website of Stashfin and complete your profile by answering the basic questions that are asked.

Unlike any other platform, you will have to enter your online banking information to complete the validation procedures.

Once completed, you will have to upload the necessary documents required to complete the KYC.

Then, a representative from the company will visit your house to verify the same personally.

Once the verification procedures are completed, you will receive the funds in the card that is offered to you.

It’s quite easy for you to complete all the procedures as it is not rocket science, and then use the delivered card to buy mobiles on EMI without credit card in place.


These are some of the best financial institutions or companies that are offering such services to the customers.

You can also become a customer to these institutions by following the procedure each one has so that you can buy a smartphone without using or applying for a credit card.

Make sure that you read through the terms and conditions thoroughly before applying for a short-term loan or EMI options.

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