How to Make a Perfect Movie Set Up With Outdoor Projector

An outdoor movie set up is challenging compared to doing it indoors. When hosting your friends, you need to go a step notch higher and set up a perfect movie in your backyard. The fresh air outside as your visitors enjoys the magical projector light, and bright display against the dusk sky is all worth the effort. The crashing waves at the backyard will make you and your friends forget the daily challenges of life.

Invite your neighbors to avoid trouble, as some may not like the noise around. Even if they do not join, they will be aware of what they expect at night. The outdoor movies will be lit when you understand how to set it up perfectly.

What Do You Need For Outdoor Movie Set Up?

The following equipment is needed for a backyard theatre set up:

  • Outdoor projector
  • Outdoor projector screen
  • A video source, for instance, laptop, media streamer, blue ray player or DVD
  • An audio system such as powered speakers
  • Speaker stands
  • Audio and HDMI cables
  • Extension AC cord
  • Surge protected multi-outlet power strip

With all the above equipment go through the steps below for a perfect movie set up

1. Get an Ideal Outdoor Projector

The outdoor projector is what lit up the backyard as you enjoy the movie outdoor. You need to invest in a good projector to avoid any disappointment. Here’s is a great place to get started, look at this site. Some will be tempted to use the HDTV screen, which is boring except for the kids. The projector ignites the spirit of an open-air and drive-in movie set up with bright-shining-point-of-light-in-the-darkness effect.

The projector should have at least 2,000 lumens with diverse inputs. The throw distance and maximum image size you want should also guide you in getting the ideal projector.

2. The Right Screen Size

You need to buy a big portable screen which can be a hassle to set up. Get somewhere cool where the display can be mounted safely, such as the garage wall. The presentation should be weather-proof to avoid being disrupted by extreme weather such as rain. Do not be tempted to hang a large bedsheet as a source of display since the image quality will disappoint you and your visitors.

The quality screen produces outstanding images and lasts you for long. You can choose front projection or rear projection. It all depends on the power source and type of projector used, but the rear projection is always the best. Cable clutter is avoided, and shadows on screen are not creating even when people stand in front of the screen.

3. A Video Source

A video source doesn’t really matter a lot though high-definition options are the best. If you choose to stream, the network connection should have a strong signal for the distance you intend to set up your movie. Avoid the media players that might complicate the process of setting up the theatre, especially those that involve too many connections.

Go for a laptop, if using locally stored media since it can play a range of formats. It has a different connection point for HDMI, headphone jack, and VGA output. You can also run various applications on a laptop at a go, thus providing diversity needed during theatre set up.

4. An Audio System

The sound system is the final element that completed the movie set up at the backyards. The quality of sound stands out more than the screen size or the type of projector used. You need to spend your time looking for good options to avoid getting muffled, too weak, or hard to understand the audio output. If you are not keen, your visitors might lose interest as soon as the audio starts playing.

You should buy an all-weather audio system for resilient speakers that can project sound anywhere anytime. The speakers can be connected wirelessly or by use of cables. It all depends on preference since each has an advantage over the other. Wireless speakers are easy to connect and relieve the stress of having to deal with many cables crisscrossing where the guests are seated. However, a wired connection has superior sound quality, and you might want to consider it.

5. The Extras

The other equipment that completes the movie set up includes Speaker stands HDMI cables, AC cord, and multi-outlet power strip. Always go for quality products to avoid disappointment during your hour of need. Various outlet power strips allow you to connect all the other equipment in one place as all will need a source of power to run. To protect your tools in case of electricity shocks, you need a power strip that is surge protected.

What Are The Safety Precautions To Take?

Safety is paramount, and while you want to minimize the lighting for a superb experience, minimum illumination is best to allow people to move around. Put some light along the sitting area and along the paths towards common places such as washrooms.

Your neighbors should also be notified and get permission from the relevant authority in your country. You do not want to be a security threat in your neighborhood. It is not a must for neighbors to come, but inviting them portrays you in good light and indicates that there were no ill motives.

Is There Need For Snacking?

Yes, of course, you want to keep your visitors feeling comfortable. Snacking make movie enjoyable and keep one busy as they pass the time outdoors. Make it more interesting by giving visitors popcorns in well-designed and unique containers. Check the boxes at a local food store and preferably do home-made popcorns. Your friends will be glad that you did it yourself.


Undoubtedly, setting up a backyard home theatre is not going to be a walk in the park. There is an investment that needs to be done to get the perfect movie set up outdoors. Following the steps above will ensure everything falls in place for a fun-filled experience. The outdoor film provides an opportunity for you and your friends to socialize constructively.

The theme choice is all yours, but remember to keep it dark for colorful and crispy pictures. However, some illumination for safety purposes won’t hurt. Besides, cover all cables using tarps and blankets to avoid visitors tripping over.

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