Guide on How to Quickly Prepare for Exams

The most important moment in preparing for the exam is a positive attitude. It is important even if you have studied almost nothing before. A positive mood often attracts a bit of good luck. For example, you may be able to get an easy topic that you know perfectly. The result of your efforts also depends on how well-versed you are in the subject and how much time you have left. In this article, we will consider several options for fast exam preparation. Also, it will probably be useful to buy essays online to be able to spend your entire day for the preparation.

Three Days Before the Exam and You Know Something

The rarest among students is the option when they have three days left, and they read something during their studies. In this case, you should do the following:

  • Estimate the volume of material (the number of questions for preparation).
  • Divide everything by half. This is the amount you need to repeat for the first and second day. Browse the material fluently and then repeat it to yourself briefly.
  • On the first day, you need to choose those questions that you know more or less.
  • Leave the third day to repeat all the material. The more you repeat, the easier it is to answer the questions of the exam.

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Three Days Left Before the Exam and You Know Nothing

Of course, there is no time to learn, therefore, the main thing is to understand the necessary material. If you try to mechanically remember something, then you will forget everything very soon. You need to do the following:

  • Divide all questions into two parts.
  • On the first day, review the easiest questions.
  • On the second day, check the remained material. Also, make notes on the sheet with questions.
  • On the third day, look through everything again. Then check your question sheets where notes were made.

Two Days Left Before the Exam

If you previously studied this subject, then spend the first day for a brief repetition of familiar topics, and then study more difficult things for you. If you know only the name of the subject, then on the first day, you will have to check both easy and hard questions. And repeat everything on the next day. Remember, the main thing is to understand the very essence of the issue.

One Day Before the Exam

This is the most extreme, but very but frequent case. In this situation, it remains only to look at the issues in which you are most oriented and hope that you will get easy questions. After all, everything can happen, so do not forget about the positive attitude.
Also, adhere to the following general tips:

  • You need to study in a comfortable position because this contributes to better memorization. Your legs need to be underneath or crossed. When we sit on a chair and legs are hanging up, this is not the best posture for studies. The closer the feet are to the body, the more efficiently our energy is distributed during the preparation for exams.
  • Create an environment suitable for you. The main thing is that you do not have to be distracted.
  • Some people need to drink coffee during work, while others listen to certain music. Everyone has something that helps him or her to work better.
  • Physical workout. Scientists have found that we are more productive if mental labor combines with physical labor. Therefore, every hour and a half do some physical exercises.
  • If you’re tired and want to sleep, it’s best to do so. It will be more beneficial if your brain rests a bit and comes back to work with renewed energy. For students that acquire a lot of learning to process, sleep is very important. As we’ve been talking about sleep, mattress comes next mostly to our mind. Indeed it plays an important part in our sleeping time. Experts said that the best mattress in a box is very ideal for students to use whether at the family home, apartment or dorm because of its comfortable, affordable, convenient and quality features.
  • Nutrition. Your food should contain a lot of calories. The body spends more energy on the work of the brain than on physical activity. Therefore, you need to eat food with a large number of vitamins and minerals. For example, this can be meat, fish, cauliflower, dried fruits, chocolate bar, products with vitamin C.


But, of course, if you study the exam subject throughout the semester, preparing for it will be much easier.

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