How To Secure Electric Meter Boxes For Safety Purposes

Electric meter boxes are one of the most vulnerable places in our homes when it comes to safety. These boxes have all the electrical power connections inside them. If damaged, it can prove extremely dangerous not only for a few individuals but also for the entire household.

Protecting precious electrical equipment and technological devices is a must, no matter what these devices are. Having dust proof computer enclosures, for example, has become extremely crucial if you own a high-end computer rig in today’s date with lots of precious components inside it.

Similarly, having adequate safety protections around your electric meter boxes only makes sense in terms of security. Let us read about the various security measures that you can take to secure your electric meter boxes for safety purposes.

Contact electricians and professionals if your electric meter boxes show signs of damage

If your electric meter box starts showing signs of deterioration and damage, you should definitely call electricians and professionals to take a look at your electric meter box. These signs can be anything that indicates your electric meter box has been damaged by artificial or natural means.

The most prominent and dangerous signs out of these are burn marks on the walls of your meter box, wires that are worn out, and a strange smell of burnt plastic. A professional electrician will take a look at your electric meter box and will instantly tell you what’s wrong. He will take your damaged parts and put them into the pouches of reliable pouch manufacturers like Logospack and then send them to be recycled.

If you are going to do renovations, switch off the power supply

Even if you are making minor changes in your house, such as changing the lighting conditions inside your home or moving your electrical appliances, you should always ensure that you switch off the power supply before going ahead with it. Not doing so can be really dangerous for you as wires are extremely easy to break apart.

Electrical components like electrical PCB headers or wires are extremely delicate, even if you get them from a reliable supplier like While you can’t ensure that you won’t damage these components during renovations, you can ensure that you won’t get electrocuted from them by switching off the power supply.

Organize your cables, switches, and wires

Most of us don’t have an electrician’s training under our belt, so when things go wrong with the electric meter box, we don’t know what to do with it. This only gets worse when opening up an electric meter box for personal troubleshooting and having no idea what wire goes where.

That is why it is essential that you label and organize your wires inside your electric meter box properly to ensure that you can do proper troubleshooting by yourself if your electric meter box isn’t working correctly. Locate all the switches, breakers, and even fuses and label each of them by referencing the various electric meter boxes on the internet.

Additionally, if possible and hasn’t been done so already, route the wires through optimal routes so that your electric meter box looks more uniformed and neat. Alternatively, you can ask your electrician to do so to ensure neatness. You should also maintain the shrubbery and flora around your electric meter box.

Trees can easily grow into your electric meter box and cause a short circuit one way or the other. It is better to keep trimming nearby trees than have a short circuit happen at your home.

Consider safety switches

While safety switches have been made compulsory by law in several countries around the world, there are still plenty of households out there that haven’t installed safety switches inside their home. These safety switches are critical as they are the one barrier between you and an exposed switch that can electrocute you badly.

Safety switches are crucial in any home and are responsible for saving countless lives around the world as well as preventing any physical injury from shock. If you already have installed safety switches, you can consider purchasing circuit breakers as well that break apart any excess current that may have come inside your home’s electric meter box.

Check your switches regularly

All safety switches come with their own manual of instructions, precautions, and biannual procedures. Ensuring these biannual procedures are done in an efficient manner without fail each year is your duty as a responsible homeowner. These instructions are nothing but quality checks that ensure your switches are working as safely as the day you bought them.

In case you see something amiss with the switches, immediately call the manufacturers and either order replacements or hire a professional electrician to handle the situation for you. In case you have circuit breakers, the quality checking procedure is much more relaxed and timed out than its safety switch alternative.

You only need to check your circuit breakers once per two years, but you need to ensure that you do it no matter what to ensure continued safety for your electric meter box. If you need to replace a fuse immediately and a professional electrician isn’t available, you can do the task yourself but be aware that there is a certain risk involved.

The most important thing you need to know before working with fuses is always to ensure that the power switch is off and you are standing on a wooden surface or with rubbery sandals.

In case of a short fuse, call a professional immediately

If your fuse replacements go wrong or you can’t handle the task, call a professional and wait for them. They have years of experience dealing with short fuses and other problems and can immediately solve all the electrical issues inside your home right away.


There are several security measures that you need to ensure if you want to secure your electric meter boxes for safety purposes. We hope this article was helpful for you and if it was, please consider following our website for regular updates as it will help us immensely.

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