How To Use Streaming Platform’s Futures Taking Best Experience For Music Promotion

You may know already that building a reputation on streaming services is vital for a musician or band. Newbies can get a lot of opportunities, while even successful artists can enjoy building up a pool of loyal supporters and fans.

Spotify is an excellent choice for getting started. You should know how to do Spotify promotion and impact your audience more. So, we want to discuss it with you.

You may wonder whether getting a promotion on Spotify is worth paying for visual banner ads or audio advertisements. If you need more clarification, you may start with organic promotion. This option is free. It relies on your choices of marketing strategies and how well you can utilize Spotify’s tools to get to your target audience with many followers, likes, and favorite playlists.

Organic Promotion Ideas for Spotify

All the options you may prefer to use for free promotion on Spotify will work perfectly if you know how to build your image and engage with your audience. Here are some simple ideas about how you can boost this engagement.

  1. Use social media to ask your fans to like and follow your Spotify page or your new track. Spotify’s algorithm will detect that your music has increased its popularity among a specific group of people, so it will offer it to a similar audience.
  2. Use Spotify for Artists to claim the recognition of your profile. You can modify your profile art and bio, make up a custom playlist, and follow your streaming data. Using a unique and creative approach to your profile will allow you to stand out and look more serious and professional.
  3. Submit your music releases directly to Spotify. You have to log in to your Spotify for Artists account and submit your new track for playlisting.
  4. Launch a pre-save campaign. You can ask your followers to pre-save your new track before its release. It will automatically add to their libraries as soon as it drops. You need a social media account and a landing page on it created specifically for this release.
  5. Provide your tracks with lyrics. When your track is played, the listeners will see the words on the screen. Sign up with Muixmatch to add the lyrics easily.

You can also opt for fee-paying options on Spotify.

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Ways of Using Paid Promotion on Spotify

Paid promotion options on Spotify include a marquee banner on every user’s page and a variety of video and audio ads visible to free users between their streaming sessions.

Promotion with Spotify Marquee

This advertising option is both the most valuable and expensive for artists. You can buy a Marquee placement, and your track will become a full-page ad displayed immediately on Spotify users’ home pages, both with free or paid accounts. If a user clicks the ad, it will lead them to the music piece you want to promote.

However, Marquee is available only if you have above 2,500 followers or 15+ thousand streams during the previous 28 days. Billing is only American here, so you need to belong to the US music community. You will pay for a marquee ad on a cost-per-click basis – when someone clicks your marquee. Nevertheless, you can count on at least $250 if you want to run a marquee ad successfully. The Marquee ads will work well for you if you are an independent musician.

Ad Studio

Another fee-paying promotional option on Spotify is its Ad Studio. You can buy access to it to get your audio tracks and videos played between free users’ streams. You need to log in to the Ad Studio site and pay extra for the subscription. Now, you can deliver your audio for Spotify’s approval or cooperate with Spotify to create your customized ad. Such an ad cannot generate clicks, but you pay here to reach more listeners.

If you are a well-known artist, audio ads are a great way to promote your new works. However, it is not the best variant if you start your way to the public because Spotify’s advertising tools are aimed at brands already known to people.

If you are a new artist, the Marquee is a better option. Remember that every paid advertising on Spotify is worth the costs only if you are making a big move, for example, a new release, a label backing, going on a tour, and a combination with advertising on diverse media, like billboards, subway ads, and other visual aids. If you choose the Marquee placement randomly or for an occasional break-out, your money may go nowhere.

Therefore, do you still consider promotion tactics on Spotify useless? Then, start with free options, and you will see the results soon. The number of likes and follows will increase, and your music will become accessible and familiar to more people. That’s why you need to pay for more extended promotional tools and techniques for further advancement. Anyway, your music has to be well-done and interesting to the audience, so focus on your creativity and high quality.

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