Huawei P40 : Release Date, Price, Specifications and Rumors

The new Huawei will come with a Kirin 990 processor and the truth is that we are dying to see it. We tell you everything that is known about the new Huawei P40, from its possible price, release date, specifications and unconfirmed rumors.

We will have to wait until March 2020 (less and less) to see the model following the current Huawei P30. Most likely, Huawei will launch three new Huawei P40 phones: the standard, the Pro and Lite (more economical). We could also see a 5G compatible variant this time.

We also know that Huawei has announced its Harmony operating system (Hongmeng in China), and it is very likely that the flagship of Huawei 2020 will run this new operating system instead of Android. What we don’t know is if this system will convince the public.

In the IFA event that took place in September, the company revealed details about a Kirin 990, which will be the new processor that will bring the new Huawei P40 to life.

The Kirin 990 SiC first appeared in the September 19 launch of the Huawei Mate 30. It is a very powerful chip that serves as a 5G modem, with an eight-core CPU, a 16-GPU and a triple NPU that is used for artificial intelligence.

Huawei claims that this processor is 10% faster than the Snapdragon 855 and 35% more efficient in terms of power.

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What Will The Successor of The Huawei P30 be Called?

However, we are not so sure that the successor of P30 is P40. Huawei likes to keep us alert with the name of its family of high-end phones.

After the P7 he dropped the nickname ‘Ascend’, but continued in numerical order with the P8 and P9. When the P Series reached double digits, it jumped directly from P10 to P20, and then in 2019 to P30. In 2020 we will see a P40, although the company has registered the names P300, P400 and P500 to P1000, so the next flagship of Huawei could be a P400.

There are still about seven months to go before the launch, so there is not much leaked information about the new Huawei phone – but we can make some predictions, such as the fact that the Kirin 990, successor to the Kirin 980 that will almost certainly run found on line P30.

The Kirin 990 is the processor of the Huawei house, and it is thought to be a 7nm second-generation SoC that uses the EUV manufacturing process. It will be released later this year with the October launch of the Huawei Mate 30. You can expect a Balong 5000 5G modem and better performance, efficiency and AI (Artificial Intelligence) capabilities.

Meanwhile, the first 5nm are processors that are not expected until later in 2020 – we will probably see them for the first time on the Huawei Mate 40 (or Mate 400) in October 2020.

In the design, things will remain practically the same, but the notch of the screen can be abandoned in favor of a cutout with a drilling hole or an emerging camera, and it is said that the edges will be more squared.

The current P30 Pro has four cameras, but in the P40 Pro we are told that there could be a fifth sensor, which makes it the second camera phone and pentagonal lens behind the Nokia 9. Nor is it all there, since the Huawei P series is known for its excellent photographic capabilities.

When Will The Huawei P40 go on Sale?

Huawei typically chooses to launch its flagship after the MWC in Barcelona so that its news is not lost among all the hype that the new Galaxy S11, Xiaomi Mi 10, LG G9 and so on will entail.

In 2019 we saw the company present the P30 on March 26 and went on sale on April 5. Similar dates are expected in 2020 for the Huawei P40.

How Much Will The Huawei P40 Cost?

The price of the P30 family at the time of launch began at 799 euros for the standard model and 999 for the Pro model. This was a jump of 100 euros over its predecessors, which could mean that we will see an increase of another 100 in 2020. Obviously, we will have to pay even more for the supposed 5G model.

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