OnePlus 10T Review: A Smartphone That Is Also Balanced In Terms Of Price

Top performance and 150W fast charging technology distinguish the new OnePlus 10T. The list price starts from 719 euros. With a minimal look and a large 6.7-inch AMOLED display, the OnePlus 10T won our attention from the very first start. The smartphone represents a cheaper alternative to the top-of-the-line OnePlus 10 Pro, despite bringing some updates such as a newer processor and almost twice as fast charging technology.

The differences also concern the photographic sector, which in the case of the OnePlus 10T, sees the absence of the Hasselblad brand and some exclusive functions present on the OnePlus 10 Pro instead. Despite a series of waivers, which are inevitable to keep the price low, the OnePlus 10T convinced it during the test days by always proving to be fluid and able to manage apps and games very well.

For the model with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, the list price is 719 euros, which becomes around 560 euros if you look at the current market price. A figure puts it in competition with some of the most popular smartphones in the Android universe, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Xiaomi 12T Pro and the OPPO Reno8 Pro. The version with 16GB of RAM and 256GB of internal memory is also available, with a price difference of around 100 euros.

OnePlus 10T: Linear Design, In Full OnePlus Style

The OnePlus 10T faithfully reproduces the design of the OnePlus 10 Pro. The rear body and display are protected by Gorilla Glass 5, while a less valuable but lighter material, such as polycarbonate, has been used for the frames. The camera set on the back is enclosed in a box that protrudes by a few millimeters with a curvature that makes everything look more harmonious.

The display is a 6.7-inch AMOLED with Full HD+ resolution, 120Hz refresh rate and compatibility with HDR10+ technology. Good fluidity and color rendering, even if we would have expected something more in terms of brightness. The power button is located on the right; the volume rocker is located on the left side.

Here it is only possible to notice the absence of the physical button to mute the sounds and symbols of OnePlus devices quickly, a choice probably dictated by the desire to lower production costs. The upper edge houses one of the two microphones; at the bottom is the tray for inserting the SIM, the second microphone, the speaker and the USB type-C input.

There is no official waterproof certification. However, OnePlus ensures the smartphone can withstand accidental contact with water and dust.

OnePlus 10T: Excellent Test With Apps And Games, Thanks To The Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1

Under the new OnePlus 10T body, we find the Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor, octa-core developed with a 4-nanometer production process that reaches a speed of 3.19 GHz. The 8GB RAM and 128GB model were used for the internal memory test, which proved snappy and always able to handle all the features.

The display returns fluid images thanks to the 120Hz refresh rate, but it can also be set to 90Hz or 60Hz to save energy. The experience on the gaming side is excellent, and the OnePlus 10T managed to get by with some of the most demanding titles on the Play Store without showing slowdowns. The audio quality returned by the speakers is also good, which ensures an enveloping and distortion-free sound.

The software on board is Android 12 with OxygenOS interface developed by OnePlus, which has now reached maturity and makes operations simple even for less experienced users. The manufacturer has also guaranteed the arrival of Android 13 by December and up to four years of security updates.

Complete connectivity that can count on dual band WiFi 6, Bluetooth 5.2, USB type C, NFC and 5G module, thanks to which you can take advantage of the latest generation networks. The integrated battery is 4,800 mAh, sufficient to accompany the user at the end of the day with moderate use.

The OnePlus 10T also debuts the 150W SuperVooc Endurance Edition technology, which halves the charging times compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro, allowing you to reach 100% autonomy in just over 20 minutes. However, support for wireless charging must be included, a non-essential function on many competing devices.

OnePlus 10T: More Could Have Been Done With The Cameras

One of the substantial differences between the OnePlus 10T and the Pro model lies in the photographic sector. The OnePlus 10T features a triple camera with a 50MP Sony IMX766 main sensor equipped with optical stabilization, an 8MP wide-angle camera with a 120-degree field of view and a sensor dedicated to 2MP macros.

Therefore, compared to the OnePlus 10 Pro and a series of Hasselblad-branded features, a telephoto lens is missing. The photos taken using the main sensor are qualitatively satisfactory, with natural colours and good definition. The shots in the evening return less lively colours, but thanks to the intervention of Artificial Intelligence and some filters, they are pleasant.

The wide-angle camera makes it possible to take good photos during the day, even with a lower sharpness than the main one. The results obtained using the dedicated macro lens are less convincing. The colours, in this case, are too saturated, and the contours are poorly defined.

The OnePlus 10T uses a 16MP sensor with average photos obtained for selfies, provided you are always well-lit while shooting. The quality obtained with the videos being tested is good, which can reach 4K and use electronic stabilization to eliminate vibrations.

OnePlus 10T: Who Is It For?

If you are looking for a device with excellent performance to manage social networks and messaging, watch streaming content and play games on the Play Store, the OnePlus 10T represents the ideal choice.

Display and processor are its strengths, together with the 150W charging technology that allows you to get all the autonomy you need to continue your activities in just a few minutes. Photo and video quality have only sometimes proved impeccable, but it is an acceptable compromise if you do not have specific needs. Furthermore, the market price is currently down to around 560 euros, making it one of the most interesting smartphones in the mid-range.

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